When the idea of tracking someone’s location knocks at our doors of imagination, we start thinking that it must be a high-tech job demanding tons of resources. Actually, it’s quite natural as you can’t track someone’s location just like that. I used to think the same. 

But, what if I say that you can do it with the help of a phone number only? Will you believe me or consider me nuts? I can’t control your thinking but what I do is present some of the valid points that will make you believe in me. So, here I go. 

Can you track someone’s phone location using the phone number in real-time? 

Well, this would be the first question popping up in your mind as you read the title of this article. To calm down your mind horses, here is the answer:

Yes, you can find out the location and track someone with just the phone number in real-time provided you have the right technology. 

Thinking how to track someone’s phone location using their phone?

To begin with this job, you need something extraordinary and futuristic. When I was in the hunt for such a solution, I came across Minspy. Since the day I learned about it, I started believing that the right technology can change the face of everything. 

Minspy – The Only Way for Espionage without Letting Anyone Know about It 

Your quest for the easiest way possible to track someone’s phone location will end at Minspy. By using the high-end remote monitoring technology, it has made it happen without putting forward a long list of prerequisites. 

You can learn about the success of Minspy by the fact that millions across 190 countries are using Minspy while you are reading this.

Various world media houses including CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, and Tom’s Guide have already given a positive verdict on Minspy while I was writing this article.

So, one thing is sure that Minspy is the undisputed leader of remote phone monitoring. 

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Some of its other qualities are mentioned below:

Minspy keeps you safe

Minspy works with jailbreak/rooting on the targeted device. Rather it uses very futuristic technology that works on syncing. Whether you use it on iOS or Android, your identity will not be revealed to anyone.

Minspy for iOS comes with a 100% web-based interface and can be at your service without asking for any installation and downloading. Only valid iCloud details are required to get started with this.

As there is no involvement of the target device, no one will find out what you are up to.

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Minspy for Android takes remote location tracking at a whole new level as this is a precisely made app that is best-in-class, can work in stealth mode, and doesn’t send any notifications on the targeted device.

What amused me more is that this app is less than 3MB size and still performs in such a wonderful manner. Moreover, this Minspy review post will give you a better understanding of the efficiency of the solution.

In both the options, Minspy works without having your crucial data on its server. Do you know what it means? It means that your data will not be exposed to any malicious activity and you will never fall into the nippers of cyber frauds or identity theft. 

A cut-above location tracking 

The location tracking feature of Minspy is not like any other feature. It’s precisely designed software that tracks the live location of the target with a high-end GPS tracking facility.

Using this feature, you can find out the Wi-Fi-based locations, find out the entry and exit times, and read the coordinates and addresses as well. Now is the time to give you a brief of how to use phone number to track someone’s location using Minspy!

How to track someone’s location using Minspy?

Once you sign up for Minspy using any device, it asks for selecting the subscription plan and thereafter, the OS type of target device. Once you enter these details, its well-prepared Android/iOS guide will help you get started with the solution.

Once you reach its dashboard after completing the process, go to the Location section and voila!

Wait! We are not done yet.

You can also mark the safe zones and set-up a virtual geo-fence. As soon as the target moves the safe zone or crosses the geofence, you will be notified. This way you can keep track of every movement of the target without even getting close to it. 

All the data will be rendered directly on your dashboard and your target will have no idea about it. When I realized this aspect of Minspy, I became doubly sure that nothing can be safer than this. 

Is there anything else that Minspy can do for you?

Yes. What you have learned about Minspy is just the tip of the iceberg. Its functionalities are far from your imagination area. Once Minspy is all set to ready, you can: 

  • Find out about the call history and contact list of the targeted phone.  
  • Read all the text and IM messages. Social media chats can also be traced and tracked. 
  • Gain admin likes access on the phone’s camera. You can learn about which pictures were clicked and which video was recorded. 
  • Find out the password of various social media accounts accessed by the target. Now, this is like hitting the jackpot as tracking social media accounts was never possible earlier. 
  • Find the SIM information. 

Are you stunned? Well, it was meant to be as no one ever imagined that all of this can ever be done. But, Minspy has made it possible. 

Do you have to put anything on the stack to gain all of this? 

What Minspy can do for us is a lot and it’s quite natural to think that either we need to spend a lot of money or we need to compromise on anything to use such extensive service. But, Minspy breaks this notion as well. 

Minspy offers you all of this many more at a peanut’s cost. Can you imagine that you can track 35+ phone activities on the targeted phone for $ 10 for a month? Yes, it’s true. So, it’s clear that you don’t have to go bankrupt to enjoy Minspy’s facilities. 

Your next concern, ‘do I have to make any compromise?’, can also be resolved most straightforwardly now.

Minspy works without having your data on its server. So, your data is in safe hands and malicious activities like cyber scams and identity theft will be far away from you. 

Concluding words 

Imagining a risk-free and discreet location tracking of a phone used to be a dream that will never fulfill. But, then Minspy came into being and it crushed all the previous notions.

Now, you have to do around-the-clock and reliable location tracking while staying miles apart from the target. I know it may sound implausible but it’s true the best way to believe this to try Minspy on your own. 

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