The beep sound is really annoying on a Linux system, especially when trying to use TAB completion for commands on a Linux terminal. If you are new to Linux have a look at 30 Mostly used Linux Commands For Newbies with Examples. So how do I permanently disable this beep sound? worry less because I have got a solution for you.
We’ll go through disabling it on Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Linux, Fedora, CentOS, and RHEL.

This will vary depending on the terminal bash shell of your choice.

1) On Ubuntu, Debian and Kali Gnome Terminal

First, open Gnome terminal then click on:
Terminal>Edit>Profile Preferences > General > Terminal Bell, uncheck the ticked terminal bell check-box. See the screenshots below.

ubuntu beep disable

For Kali Linux and Debian see below.

kali beep unchecked

If you are using xterm terminal emulator, type:

echo xset b off >> ~/.xession

For vim; Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor, turn off beep alert sound by appending the following line to the file~/.vimrc.

vim ~/.vimrc

Then add

set vb

at the end of the file, press Esc key then: wq to save and quit. A single line command to accomplish that without the use of vim is.

echo set vb >> ~/.vimrc

That’s all,
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