Online sports gambling continues to grow in notoriety, with operations and sportsbooks popping up all over the world, all offering the latest sporting odds.

The lure of betting on sport appeals to all levels of punter and consequently, the supporting markets are booming in the online betting industry.

As with any online operation however, staying vigilant when making transactions on the internet is essential – with data hackers and fraudulent operators often all too happy to entice people to part with their money.

Sportsbooks and online gambling firms are doing all they can to protect their new and existing customers but occasionally, some do slip through the net.

Here is a guide as to how to stay safe when gambling online:

Do Your Research

Whilst it is always good to forge your own opinions within the sports betting sphere, it can often pay to do extensive research into a specific sportsbook and read reviews of how they operate.

Many of the best bookmakers have made a successful transition from an in-person operation to an online one and having a good reputation is worth a fortune in the gambling industry.

With such finance within the world of online sports betting, being cyber secure is key and there a wealth of resources punters can look at before choosing which bookmaker to bet with.

Reading up on the ins and outs of cyber security with each bookmaker is essential and the bookmaker reviews provided by sites such as free can assist in the decision making process.

Look for the License

As the online gambling industry has progressed in recent years, the legislation that comes with sportsbooks has developed.

Long gone are the days of dodgy gambling operations taking weeks to pay out if you get a win as all of the major online bookmakers are now licensed with the gambling commission from the country in which they are operating out of.

All of the major players on the online gambling scene have their gambling commission license number visible on their homepage and if you can’t see it, think twice about betting with that particular company.


Whilst it is a slight generalisation, most of the biggest bookmakers in the online betting sphere have transitioned well from being a physical bookmaker.

Companies such as William Hill, Paddy Power and Coral have all made that switch with ease and now have multi-million dollar operations all over the world.

Most of the big bookmakers have been in operation for at least a decade and they have reviews and policies with new and existing customers can trust.

Look into how long a company has been in operation for before betting with them to avoid getting a nasty shock.

Customer Service

As with buying any product, having a top level of customer service can greatly improve one’s experience when purchasing.

Most of the major bookmakers now have 24/7 customer service, available through a variety of mediums – to deal with any queries players may have.

Not every bookmaker offers extensive customer service options so be sure to factor that into any decision you make when choosing which bookie to bet with.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When signing up for a particular bookmaker, every punter is all too aware that they will generally need to deposit some funds before they begin betting.

However, not every operator has the highest standards of data security and encryption with their depositing methods and some basic research will show punters which bookmakers are the most cyber security savvy.

Offering a range of depositing and withdrawal methods is always a good sign as to who is a trustworthy operator and using renowned companies such as Visa and Mastercard is always recommended.

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