(Last Updated On: August 12, 2018)

How To Do system restore on Windows Computer via Command Prompt, Doing System Restore on Windows Without DVD simplified here. Hope you read our article onInstall it using USB Flash Drive. After Windows installation, installation of some programs and system drivers can cause unexpected changes to your computer system files.What System restore does is that it undo system changes  to earlier point in time without affecting your Documents and Other files.

At times you try to troubleshoot the program or driver causing the unexpected behavior of your computer but the problem still persist. The only solution to this is to restore your computer to earlier date when it was working properly. System restore uses a feature called System Protection to create restore points containing registry settings and other important system information.

The easy way to do system restore in Any windows Operating System is by using the Command Line. This can be a life saver especially when your computer cannot boot and the higher level you can go is the command prompt window. What you need to do is type the following command in the CMD as administrator if inside windows system:
Just press start button>Type¬† cmd on search box> right click on cmd and select “Run as Administrator> on CMD window type rstrui.exe and press enter.Click Next on the next window

Click on check box ” Show More Restore Points”. Select on the restore point that you want to roll your computer to.Based on the reason for restore, you may choose different restore points.

Click on Finish and system restore will start.


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