In this post, we will cover how users can download Adobe Flash onto their system, or update an existing installation. Note that some versions of Windows come with Flash installed, but this doesn’t necessarily update automatically. We also have guides available for many other operating systems.

Step 1: Head to the Website

Follow this link to the Flash download section of the Adobe website.


Once on this webpage, decide whether you want the Optional Offers bundled with the software and tick or untick the boxes as required. Once this is complete, click Install Now.

Step 2: Download the Installer Program

This will bring you to the following page:

image 1

On this page, you will see the process working, and within a few moments, the Flash Player app should download onto your computer. You may be prompted to accept before this can begin.

Step 3: Run the Installer

Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file.

image 2

Select Allow Adobe to Install Updates, and click next.

This will download any additional necessary files, and then ask you to restart your browser. Click Finish.

image 3

Step 4: Process Complete

After your browser resets, you should be greeted with a page confirming Flash’s installation.

image 4

The process is now complete.

Additional Information

Originating all the way back in 1995, the program now known as Adobe Flash has been an internet mainstay for decades. The primary use of this software is to allow interactive experiences directly through an online browser. In many cases, this can eliminate the need for full-fledged program downloads, offering what is instead an efficient alternative.

Flash games are a common example of this, such as those available from the multitude of online casinos. These are small, run quickly, and are well suited to both mobile and traditional desktop play. Similar systems can be found on many other popular flash gaming websites, some of which have been staples of online entertainment since dial-up. Stickdeath animations were one of the more famous examples of this, as were the fighting animations of Xiao Xiao.

Other advantages of Flash software include:

  • Easy-to-learn programming system
  • Flexibility of uses
  • Strength of integration with other web systems
  • High level of bandwidth efficiency
  • Large community of support

The disadvantages of Flash systems, like many systems, arise from potential issues caused by poor development practices. This is especially the case for mobile translations of desktop websites.

While some developers, such as in the casino example, keep this issue in mind, others do not. This can lead to situations where Flash systems are almost unusable on mobile devices due to poor scaling, or lack of viable input options.

Other issues here include:

  • SEO incompatibility
  • Plugin reliance
  • Impaired usability for some otherwise standard functions

Like so many other web technologies, the quality of flash interaction comes down to the care of the developers. The good is very good, and the bad is often enough to make users abandon websites and services entirely.

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