This guide will guide you to install Adobe Flash Player on Kali Linux and Debian Linux system. Adobe Flash Player is a Lightweight plug-in for browsers used for viewing multimedia and for streaming video and audio content on the Adobe Flash sites and platforms. Adobe Flash Player is used on the browser as a plug-in and also on all android devices and other mobile devices supported.

install adobe flash player fedora 29 28 launch

The default browser that ship with Kali Linux ( Iceweasel) doesn’t come with Adobe Flash Player pre-installed so you will have to install it manually. This tutorial will guide you through the whole process of installing Flash Player in Kali Linux and Other Debian based Distributions.

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

Once installed, update the flash-plugin via this command:

sudo update-flashplugin-nonfree --install

Then you will have flash player running well. You can check if it is installed by navigating to Menu>Applications>System Tools> Preferences > Adobe Flash Player. If the above method fails, try this other method to install it manually.

STEP 1: Open your favorite browser and navigate to Adobe download Link: Adobe Flash Player

It will automatically detect the Architecture you are using whether 32bit or 64bit version. Click on the dropdown menu on the bottom of the window that opens and select the .tar.gz for generic Linux Distributions. .rpm is for Redhat based Distros and APT specified for Ubuntu. Download the tar.gz and save it to your hard drive.

This is shown in the picture below:

flash player download

Then, navigate to download location in terminal e.g

cd ~/Downloads/

List the contents on the directory and confirm the presence of a downloaded file.

STEP 2: Decompress the file you downloaded with this command.

tar xvf flash_player_ppapi_linux.x86_64.tar.gz

If you would like to use Archive Manger the install File-roller with this command.

sudo apt-get install unrar unace rar unrar p7zip zip unzip p7zip-full p7zip-rar file-roller -y

Then right click on the downloaded tar.gz file and select “Extract here”.

Now move the to Mozilla plugins folder using the following command.

sudo mv /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

Your Flash Player has been installed successfully on Kali Linux and Debian system.

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