So you have a freshly installed GitLab server and would like to Disable user creation (Signup) on GitLab welcome page?. If so, then this guide is for you. By default, GitLab CE installation has Signup page enabled, this can pose as a risk if the GitLab login page is available on a public IP address.

To limit user creation and access, you may need to disable the Signup page. It is simple to  Disable user creation (Signup) on GitLab welcome page. All you need to do is Login as a rootuser.

install gitlab ubuntu 18.04 debian 9 root login

Navigate to Admin area by clicking the Spanner icon.

gitlab disable signup page 01

Then click on the “Settings” page at the bottom of the left navigation pane.

gitlab disable signup page 02

Now expand the Sign-up restrictions section to configure the way a user creates a new account.

gitlab disable signup page 03

Uncheck Sign-up enabled button to disable User registration on GitLab welcome page.

gitlab disable signup page 04

Click “Save Changes” button.

gitlab disable signup page 05

Logout of your GitLab to confirm the changes.

gitlab disable signup page 06

As seen on the screenshot above, the tab for “Register” is now missing. You have successfully disabled User Register/Signup on GitLab welcome page.

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