This is a short tutorial on how to configure XMPP account on X-Lite, Zoiper and Jitsi Sofphones to be used with XMPP server like Openfire. I’m writing this because someone requested for it.

I had earlier written few tutorials related to Openfire XMPP server. So the soft-phones shown here will be configured so that they can be able to send Instant messages to other peers.
If you’re interested in testing this tutorial and don’t have a running XMPP server, you can try:
My configuration have the following users added
To add new user, go to Users/Groups, then add new user, below window will popup.
Let’s now dive into configuring the following Softphones:
  1. Jitsi

Launch Jitsi application. if you don’t have it installed already, it can be downloaded from the official link;

After installing, start it. Once launched, you’ll see window similar to one below
On XMPP section,configure as below:
Password: Enter password added while creating user account on XMPP server. IP address of XMPP server
jose : User account created on XMPP server
  1. Zoiper
Zoiper is another sofphone which support XMPP integration. You can download it from
Then launch it and add new user account for XMPP
> Go to settings > Create new account
> On account type select XMPP and click next
> Provide user credentials like in Jitsi configuration
Then click next
Confirm account name and login
If you only need XMPP client without worrying about SIP integration into the system, then it’s recommended you install Spark client. The link for downloading Spark is given below
Install and launch it. Do configuration as shown in screenshot below.
You can now do testing by initiating a chat between two XMPP accounts registered with any of the above softphones or Spark XMPP client.
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