People’s trust in internet security has come a long way since the late 1990s when many internet surfers were dubious of how safe transactions were. But that does not mean you should trust any of today’s sites without first knowing they are secure. The online casino industry is one sector that people need to trust implicitly. If you have any doubts about how safe online casinos and online casino games are, your mind will be at rest after reading the following insights.

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For an online casino, such as Kazoom Casino, to operate legally, it must have the correct licensing from an approved organization. By being licensed, it ensures an official agency continually regulates the casino. That guarantees players specific rights and keeps them secure while playing online casino games.

Encryption Technology

By using the highest levels of SSL encryption, online casinos ensure that all deposits and withdrawals are completely safe. Furthermore, hybrid RSA encryption is a process used by online casinos to ensure every transaction is secure. Both encryptions make it impossible for data to be intercepted by any unauthorized third parties.


Licensed casinos must undergo regular audits by a reputable third party. Auditors look at how the online casinos treat player funds and the players themselves. A crucial part of the auditing process is to determine whether the games are truly random, and therefore fair. Auditors do that by evaluating the effectiveness of the casino’s random number generator. They also check it for any flaws. Casino auditors examine the way an online casino is run as a whole, as well. They look for any security flaws and thoroughly test the whole deposit and withdrawal process. If an online casino has the seal of approval from a casino auditor, you can be sure that all of the games give every player the same chance of winning and that your cash and personal details are completely safe.

What are random number generators?

A random number generator ensures every casino game is fair. It is an algorithm that is used in all online casino games, with the exception of online live casino games. The RNG determines the outcome of any turn of the cards or spin of the reels to deliver a truly random result every time. Every reputable online casino uses an SHA-3 hash algorithm, which prevents an RNG from being tampered with.

Casino Regulators

In addition to auditors, government organizations in each country use casino regulators to monitor and maintain security levels at online gambling websites. Some countries state that casinos must be regulated by their regulatory body if they are to accept players from particular countries. To keep their licenses, online casinos must comply with the regulations.


The software that an online casino uses needs to be just as secure as the casino’s games and transactions. Reputable online casinos use software that comes from highly-respected and trusted software providers.

Are mobile online casinos safe?

All mobile casinos are subject to the same processes and regulations as their desktop counterparts. However, you should check that mobile casino apps come from a reputable site before you begin using them. You should also not enter personal information on an app on a mobile device if you are using a Wi-Fi connection that you do not know or do not trust. If you do enter your information, it is possible an unauthorized third party could intercept your data. By playing casino games on a site you trust on a connection you trust, that conform to the above processes and regulations, you can be sure you are in entirely safe hands.

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