While you can feel safe about going out to a casino, online versions can make you feel quite the opposite. Because everything is digital, especially the payment transactions, you must pay more attention when choosing an online casino you’ll spend your time playing. 

Just because the online casino is up and running, it doesn’t mean that all the steps are covered for your benefit of enjoying a safe and fair game. It’s always better to search for trustworthy sites proven as safe for any type of transaction and protected from the most common security breaches. 

To help you identify which sites you can consider safe, we made a list of things you should look into before signing up for a game on online casinos.

Quality Random Number Generators

The RNG systems used by all casino sites are a critical part of the entire story behind online gambling. To have a fair game, the RNG system must be well balanced if you’ll have any chance of winning anything. 

This system emulates the winning combinations, shuffles the card decks, and spins and stops the roulette wheel. If the system is not trusted, it might mean it was programmed to give a slight advantage for the casino, which means you’ll end up in loss rather than winning anything. 

A well-trusted site should always declare which RNG system they’re using, so you can always do some research before deciding if you should sign up for that one.

Transparent Privacy Policies

There’s no shame in admitting, we all do the same – we just click “Accept” whenever a Privacy Policy page pops-up, without even bother reading it. However, in this case, we strongly recommend that you read it before doing anything else. 

All the policies must ensure you’ll have a fair and safe game and that any information you enter is not used against you or given to a third party. Thus a transparent Privacy Policies by casinos must guarantee your sensitive information will be safely stored.

Different Types of Encryptions

Any trusted sites, like Paypal casino ICE36 or others, use security protocols to ensure all transactions are encrypted and therefore safe. These protocols are:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Transport Layer Security (TSL) 

SSL encrypts every transaction between the client and the server by creating a public or symmetric key to establish protocols between two parties.

TSL does the same things, but in a more efficient way. That’s why TSL is now a more popular protocol used by many sites, and it’s the future when it comes to safe money transactions.

When an online casino uses one of these protocols, instead of HTTP://, it will display HTTPS:// in front of the web address in your browser. That way, you’ll know if you have the green light to proceed.

Official Licenses

To have permission to operate, every online casino must have official licenses provided by regulatory bodies with a credible jurisdiction. The most used licenses are from the UK, Malta, and the Isle of Man. 

Their strict laws ensure that all casinos must undergo regular audits to ensure they’re not using any suspicious software or not complying with all the security protocols. All sites must present their licenses so you can read them before signing up for anything. 

Casino Software

Like with the RNG system, the right casino software is also vital if you want to stand any chance of playing a fair game. The versions of the software are:

  • Downloadable software
  • Instant Play software
  • Mobile apps

When someone decides to launch an online casino, he must choose a pre-built software to create it upon. There are many versions to choose from, but like anything else, it also has a top list of trusted software used by the most popular online casinos. 

It’s only a matter of spending some time researching what software is used by the casino you’re signing up for, and like that, you’ll have more confidence dealing with them.


Don’t let this article discourage you from going out and enjoy your favorite game on online casinos. There are plenty of them providing safe and fair game, as shown on this site. Most of them are safe, but still, use our tips on choosing the one without any issue and just sit back and enjoy your time playing without any concern.

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