2021 is the year of the side hustle, the year of the small business, and the year for people to develop their hobbies and skills into careers. To do this, it’s all but imperative that they use a website. This may immediately concern some who feel they have to outlay costs for fancy websites or spend time themselves learning and implementing code. But what easy and intuitive options are there for website building in 2021?

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Free website builders are also worth considering, allowing you to create a website for free, like these which have been researched by UKWebHostReview . Many of them such as Wix have impressive functionality and performance, you also won’t need to pay for hosting as it’s fully included in the package, meaning it’s perfect for beginners. 

Templates Help Structure a Site

Those looking to design websites today have it easier than those who ran the most basic sites at the dawn of the century. Not only do platforms nowadays come with a range of themes and templates – from photography blogs to eCommerce sites and even portfolios – but they are tried and tested and can be up and running within minutes. One of the benefits of the template is that users know they immediately have the basic structure of a working website. They can then adapt this with some personalization.

Some may worry that the templates will make all websites look the same. Not only is there plenty to choose from, but the addition or removal of customizable elements means that you will be unlikely to see another site that achieves what yours does. eCommerce sites, for example, require a lot of extra coding if being created from scratch, such as with OpenCart.

SEO Enhancements Help Marketing

Many website building platforms also come with SEO enhancements. This means that those embarking on small business ventures can do some of the basic SEO work themselves, which enables them to have more of a presence on search engines. Some of the SEO plug-ins merely pinpoint users towards aspects that need adding such as alt-tags and headings, while others provide key information and tips on keyword research and how this should be utilized.

SEO and its principles are important for many businesses, especially those who aim to convert customers through their website. Gaining traffic is therefore a major aspect of achieving this custom. So, ensuring that site SEO is as optimized as possible means that your business will have the best chance of attracting and retaining these customers.

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Artificial Design Intelligence for Mobile Sites

Furthermore, simple website building platforms have become even more intuitive to reflect the needs of the growing number of users. The drag and drop website builder from Wix, for instance, is compatible with both desktop and mobile web design. Many platforms neglect their mobile site, which must exist as a different entity with a different purpose in comparison to the desktop site. The intuitiveness of the platform means that anyone, coding experience or not, can fully optimize their working platform to fit a modern mobile audience.

Indeed, mobile web design is more important than ever, as many people use their pocket devices to research and interact with brands. Some companies in certain industries can rest easy in the knowledge that their primary site will be viewed on desktops mainly, but others should ensure that both experiences – and their different end goals – are catered for. However, this gap is slowly closing, with processes previously saved for computer and laptop use now also migrating to mobile, such as banking and business work.

Website Analysis

Your website won’t just be a tool for customers and clients to find you. It will also be a symbol of how well your business is performing. So, it’s important to ensure your website can monitor visitors and potentially track these to conversions. For such drag and drop website builders, many reporting features that help to monitor these analytics are in-built. So, you’ll be able to see where your visitors come from, how they arrive at your site, and then see which ones go on to make a purchase or drop you an email.

Analyzing these features is made simple through the drag and drop platform, which helps to create a uniform set of parameters for the data to be built around. Maintaining these reports means that you can instantly see if there is something preventing customers from engaging with you. Perhaps you’ll discover that your call to action is repeatedly missed or one page takes too long to load and instantly results in the customer bouncing off. What once would have involved a lot of analysis can now be done intuitively and quickly by the website builder, providing you important – and actionable – feedback.

So, if you’re thinking of creating a website for a new business or hobby in 2021, there are a range of options at your disposal. You don’t need to spend hours making the website and don’t need to fork out loads of cash upfront for a developer, or even try to learn to code yourself. Instead, you can take advantage of many modern features that enable you to set up your business’ platform with no fuss, meaning you can almost immediately begin focusing on your passion.

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