A system administrator is a specialist in IT technologies, engaged in the configuration and management of the office equipment, as well as ensuring its stable operation. The main task of the system administrator is to improve and modernize the information infrastructure of the company. Also, a specialist needs to monitor the state of this infrastructure and promptly respond to problems that have arisen. It is believed that this specialist can solve almost any technical problem. What are the most frequent issues to deal with? Let’s find out.

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1) Network connection errors

Regardless of how the devices are connected on the network, the sysadmin must ensure their availability. But it often happens that users report that, for example, access to some devices is no longer available or that data from these devices cannot be obtained. In this case, the admin can use the ping sensor to be informed that a device is not available or get an uptime overview of each device.

2) Software errors

Almost every PC user at least once in his life faced software errors that prevented programs from correctly working, starting, or installing. Moreover, if the file was initially installed normally and worked but then stopped, the problem is usually a virus or unintentional user actions. Sometimes, the task is simpler — to restart Windows or convert EML to PST. All possible software issues make up 50% of the sysadmin’s everyday work.

3) Bandwidth bottlenecks

Bandwidth issues not only lead to slow access to databases and file servers but also to timeouts. A certain bandwidth must always be guaranteed, especially for applications that work with large files, to provide constant access to the app. The availability of sufficient bandwidth is even more essential when using VoIP for real-time communication when violations are immediately visible. Various bandwidth sensors can help you find bottlenecks in your network and solve them.

4) Lack of server space

If the server does not have enough storage space, it is usually shown in the form of an extremely slow “response” of the server or stopping its operation by mistake. In some cases, it is not even possible to log in. Every administrator has probably encountered this problem and precisely at the moments of the most intense work of the company. But there is a wide range of sensors that track the amount of storage space available, and thus help maintain business continuity.

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5) Security breaches

Special attention should be paid to security breaches. First of all, we are talking about the operation of the surveillance cameras and access control devices. To fix the problem on time, the specialist can install the right solution for monitoring your CCTV environment.

In Conclusion

There is an opinion that if the system administrator does nothing at the workplace, he is a good admin because everything works and nothing breaks. Even if everything works, there are still many things that can be improved. This is what makes this job interesting.

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