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FlexiHub enables you to set up a USB over a network connection so you can link remotely-located computers with USB peripherals attached to a local machine. Basically, it enables you to access and manage your USB drive from anywhere. FlexiHub supports all USB devices and does not require any device-specific drivers for redirecting USB over the network.

USB over Network it’s a perfect solution for companies who want the ability to manage their devices remotely, at their comfort and share them with other users within a LAN or WAN. FlexiHub enables you to join multiple devices into a distributed cloud of USB and serial ports. 

There are versions of FlexiHub for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, each supports a cross-platform connection.

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FlexiHub – Your Remote Assistant

FlexiHub is a remote support solution and offers many benefits to its users. With the help of FlexiHub, you can get remote access to someone’s malfunctioning USB devices, serial devices and peripherals to provide remote assistance, detect faults, diagnose and fix the issue being miles away from the customer’s peripheral. This would be cost-effective as the support specialist won’t have to visit every customer’s house to fix the issue but fix the problem remotely. It would be very efficient as the time taken to resolve each customer’s issues will be also significantly reduced. 

By creating a FlexiHub account, you can manage all your USB devices and serial devices from anywhere. Long gone are the days where we had to carry cables for all your devices, so enjoy the age of wireless connectivity. 

Features and Settings of USB over Network

The setting up process is very simple, and almost anyone can do it without having a lot of technical knowledge. Once you set up your FlexiHub account, all your peripherals attached to your machine will be displayed in the software interface within seconds. You can also “lock” certain peripherals if you don’t want them to be accessed remotely by other people over the network.

Once you’re done with the setup, there’s nothing else left to do but to enjoy the benefits of this software. You can sit in a park and use your printer at home to print anything you want. 

There’s another interesting feature of FlexiHub – you can invite other users to access your local devices. All you need to do is find the peripheral from your list, click on the icon next to it and enter the email address of the person you’d like to share the device with, then hit ‘Send invite’. As soon as the person accepts your invite, the peripheral will be redirected to his remote machine and recognized by his computer as if it was physically attached to his PC.

FlexiHub also facilitates USB to IP connectivity between the computers and personal devices running Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android operating systems. FlexiHub enhances the Device Management remotely without the lack of shipping times.

FlexiHub offers secure data transfer: 256-bit SSL encryption makes it completely safe to use the application.

Another neat trick up FlexiHub’s sleeve is that with the “Keep connection active” option you do not have to worry about your work being interrupted or data being damaged if the Internet connection is lost. The shared USB device will remain connected to the remote machine and wait for the restored connection.

A further great advantage of using FlexiHub is its support for a wide range of device connectivity for USB over a network connection. Here is a list of devices that it supports, but not limited to: HID devices, Wi-Fi adapters, Gaming controllers, printers, smart card readers, personal healthcare devices, communication devices (such as Fax machines), webcams, audio/video devices, Bluetooth adapters, diagnostic devices, hard drives, video cameras, USB security dongles etc. 

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Access Remote USB Devices – Work from the comfort of your office or home.

FlexiHub enables commercial, non-profit, educational, and medical and other organizations to have remote access to their hardware due to its flexible user management. It can also be used in customer support for testing USB devices remotely.

In case FlexiHub still fails to build a direct route for your data, it automatically switches into server mode, encrypts your data, and lets your nodes communicate through our secure cloud servers. Either way, FlexiHub gets your data where you need it — no matter where your hardware is physically connected.

The most common use for FlexiHub is found in hospitals where a lot of precision equipment is constantly moved around. Several hospitals in the US and Europe rely on FlexiHub to access almost-real-time patient data remotely. It’s the same story with schools. Many businesses nowadays prefer sharing pricey equipment to buying multiple items.

FlexiHub also has the FlexiChat module, which is a very engaging and interactive module used by team members for communication, which also has the option to post comments and emoji reactions. It also lets users create tokens and send invites to co-workers, providing remote access to specific devices without sharing account credentials.

FlexiHub enables businesses to utilize traffic compression technology to streamline data transfer processes across USB or serial port devices. It lets staff members establish and maintain connections remotely even when internet access has been interrupted, preventing data loss and damage.

One very neat trick of FlexiHub is that it can detect what kind of device is connected automatically, it would recognise if it’s your phone or dongle or printer that is connected. It also uses a special indicator for serial devices. Thus, it is very easy for you to figure out which device you need to connect to. 

In the end, I would like to conclude that we’re living in the time when technology is constantly evolving, the age of wireless connectivity is coming, and FlexiHub marks the beginning of that journey. It’s easy to install and use, the wide application and support for numerous devices as well as affordable prices make it a great solution that’s getting all the correct hype. I would highly recommend FlexiHub for anybody looking to get into the age of wireless connectivity. 

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