There may be some situations when it is necessary to convert Outlook files to an image format, for example, JPG or PNG, or to a well-known PDF. This may be necessary if the document has complex formatting or when you just need to prevent editing a file in the future.

Of course, you can use the Print Screen command, but then you will not be able to achieve good image quality. What is more, you will need to edit each screenshot in a graphics editor to cut off excess edges, which is not the best approach. As an alternative solution, you can use Outlook converter to convert all PST or OST files in a couple of clicks.

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The popular majority of such converters are paid, but you can also find absolutely free solutions. With program demo versions, you will not have to pay a dime. However, you need to make sure there are no functional limitations. The best Outlook converting programs allow you to convert Outlook files using the print function. The following export formats are supported: 

  • PNG,
  • DCX,
  • JPG,
  • PCX,
  • PNG,
  • TIFF, and
  • PDF.

How to Convert Outlook Files

The very first thing you need to do is to install the converting solution. There is nothing difficult – run the installer and follow its instructions. To check that the program is installed correctly, open any Outlook file, and select “Convert” from the File menu. Once you click it, the system will offer you a list of formats that you can convert a file into. So, you are free to choose an option that works for you.

What’s Important in Page Settings?

In the File Format menu, you can select the desired export format for your document – PNG, DCX, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIFF, or PDF. From the Page Processing menu, you can even set up the placement of content on the printed sheet. Professional converting programs will also allow you to place a watermark on the sheet (if needed). On top of that, you are free to select the folder where your files will be saved in the Files and folders menu, and click OK. 

Converting Outlook Files 02

To assess all the features of any Outlook converter, we strongly recommend that you run a test drive of the program. Thus, you will know for sure whether the solution will cover all your needs. Pay attention to the key parameters of the program, such as supported formats, converting speed, compatibility, converting capacity, file size limitations, etc. Professional solutions work with both OST and PST formats and can convert Outlook files in a wide range of formats – from PNG and JPG to HTML and XHTML.

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