Hi guys, today we are talking about awesome Graphical Network Simulator a.k.a GNS3. GNS3 is a must have simulator for CCNA to CCIE virtual Labs. GNS3 can be fully integrated with Virtualbox, Vmware Player, Cisco IOU.ova, JUNOS.ova and create a powerful lab environment.

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Installing GNS3 on windows only entails clicking next>next>complete. But when it comes to Linux it is a pain in the neck to some people. I am going to give you a script Written by Rednectar that simplifies installation of GNS3. I was so happy when it came across the script, it works perfectly on updated ubuntu and all Debian derivatives.

I tested the script on a fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint. If you get any error to feel free to drop a comment.

If you are new to Linux and want to run GNS3 on Linux, download Ubuntu operating system or Linux Mint and install it, you can use DVD or install it using USB Flash Drive easy, then follow my article on What to Do after Installing Ubuntu 14.04, 12.04, 13.0 . Another great article for linux starters is 30 Mostly used Linux Commands For Newbies with Examples

The first step is to Download the script from the Link Install-GNS3v1.sh

1. Then navigate to the folder containing downloaded script and type

$ sudo chmod +x installGNS3v1.sh


$ sudo ./installGNS3v1.sh

Press enter. It will give you a screen prompt like the one shown below:

It will, depending on the type of install you choose:
* Create my recommended directory structure for you
* Install git (developer install) * Install subversion (developer install)
* Install bison parser generator (developer install)
* Install flex lexical analyzer (developer install)
* Install all the python stuff you need
* Install dynamips
* Install pip
* Install Dan Lintott’s gns3-converter http://forum.gns3.net/post35824.html
* Install vboxwrapper and VirtualBox
* Install Qemu * Install iouyap -Ref: http://forum.gns3.net/topic8966.html
* Fix link to libssl1.0.0 -Ref: http://forum.gns3.net/topic8988.html
* Install SSH
* Install Wireshark
* Install VPCS
* Install BBE
* Install ROXTerm
* Create a iourc file for you (you’ll have to add your own licence)
* Add an entry to your hosts file for xml.cisco.com
* Install gns3-server
* Install gns3-gui
* Create desktop shortcuts for you

2.) Then Press enter key to continue. You will see the content shown below

An archive install installs dynamips from the deb repository, and gns3
components from the latest release version using wget (Safest option)A developer install pulls latest development sourcecode for dynamips,
iouyap, vpcs, gns3-server and gns3-gui using git clone or git pull (or svn for
vpcs). This is the bleeding edge code.Full install options re-installs everything – no questions asked
Note: Will not overwrite iourc if it exists
Normally, supplemtary apps like pip and ssh are skipped if already installed.
The full archive install can also be invoked using the -full command line

Would you like:
a. an interactive archive (release version) install?
A. an Archive (release version) install? – no questions asked.
f. a full archive install? – re-installs everything. No questions asked.

d. an interactive developer (bleeding edge) install?
D. a Developer (bleeding edge) install? – no questions asked.
F. a Full developer install? – re-installs everything. No questions asked.

q. quit. Get me out of here!

a/A/d/D/f/F/q [a]

I suggest you go with D or F option. It will automatically do everything for you.
On finishing the installation, you will get the following results:

:-Installation complete
Component             Version
GNS3v1 Installer, 2014-12-09:     3.1
Dynamips:             0.2.15
GNS3 GUI:             1.2.2.dev1
GNS3 Server:             1.2.2.dev1
GNS3 Topology Converter:     1.2.0
iouyap:                 0.95.0
QEMU:                 installed
vboxwrapper:             0.9.1
virtualbox:             4.3.10_Ubuntu
Virtual PC Simulator:         0.6
wireshark:             1.10.6


That’s all. You can start GNS3 by typing

$ gns3 or sudo gns3

 To start gns3server separately type:

$ gns3server or sudo gns3server

Credits go to Rednectar at rednectar.net for writing such an awesome great script.
If you on Kali Linux system, the only available GNS3 is version 0.8.7 which you can install by:

sudo apt-get install gns3


How to Install GNS3 on Kali Linux

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