Choosing YTD Video Downloader to download videos from social networks and all your favorite websites

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Being able to download videos on Facebook and YouTube has become essential for both the simple user of social networks and those who practice a digital profession.

However, did you know that it is also possible to download videos on other streaming platforms and more than 50 websites thanks to a simple application in particular?

Why do so many people need to download videos from social networks?

It is not uncommon to come across relevant and interesting videos while surfing social media. Videos that we would love to download and come back to at any time, even offline. Since we don’t always have time to watch them right away, we’d like to save them and come back to them at any time.

These could be tutorials, cooking recipes, commercials, music videos or whatever the subject. To download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc, there are many apps to free download, free convert and save videos from different websites.

These tools can be used on a computer (online) or through mobile applications (mainly on Android), with which you can store the downloaded videos directly on your smartphone. Provide storage space using a micro-SD card if you are on mobiles running Android.

Best free video downloader allow users to download videos from major social networks.

Free download Facebook video

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In a very short time, Facebook has become one of the major social networks for the distribution of videos, especially for entertainment. However, Facebook is a poor search engine compared to YouTube, which is the second largest search engine in the world. It is therefore essential to save your Facebook videos as soon as you can see them appear in your news feed or elsewhere.

Best downloader for Instagram videos

Instagram has quickly become the essential social network and the one most used by influencers. Downloading videos on Instagram therefore seems opportune to store your best finds and come back to them at any time.

TikTok videos, free TikTok video downloader

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With YTD Video Downloader you can also download and convert videos from TikTok, the latest trendy social network that is mainly focused on video sharing. It is estimated that in 2021 TikTok is actually the essential social network along with Instagram. Being able to download videos there is therefore a real opportunity to create collections.

YouTube video download

The real advantage of YouTube when it comes to videos is undoubtedly its search engine which makes finding almost everything fairly easy. YouTube being the second search engine behind Google, it appears to be an essential video download source. For years users have been uploading videos to this social media and it is not about to stop despite the many attempts by Google to try to prevent this phenomenon. We know there are so many free YouTube downloaders, but what is the best downloader YouTube?

Downloading Twitch videos

The social network dedicated to gaming is also part of the game for those who do not want to miss certain videos of their favorite video games. Downloading videos from Twitch will allow you to watch video game solutions in peace or to discover new areas on certain titles.

What Video Downloader should I choose?

There are many and various reasons why a user may need to download a video from the net, and also various options to do this, but we decided to present a simple and reliable solution, designed also for novice users, YTD Video Downloader.

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YTD offers a Free and a Pro version

The free version allows downloads from a large number of video streaming services. Among these, you can choose to download videos from Vimeo, DailyMotion, TikTok, Facebook video and many, many more. The free version allows users to download one video at a time, even at maximum resolution. It does not support playlists but allows quick video conversion.

YTD is very easy-to-use. The program is translated into various languages and offers a user-friendly interface. Of course, before proceeding, you need to download and install YTD Video Downloader on your PC and then click on the green “Free download” button on this page. 

At this point the browser will show you the downloaded executable, it will be named “YTDSetup” (if you use Chrome you will see it in the lower left corner). You can then simply start the installation by clicking on it, the system will ask for authorization and the procedure will be launched. To complete it, just click on the “Accept and install” button and then on “File”. The installation must be done only the first time you use the program, then you can launch it when you need it conveniently from the Start menu.

Easy way to download YouTube videos. How it works

After you install YTD Video Downloader, just follow a few simple steps to download your first video:

  • Go to the page from which you need to download the video and from the address bar, with the left mouse button, highlight the page address;
  • Clicked on the highlighted address with the right mouse button and in the contextual menu pressed on “Copy” (or key combination “CTRL + C”);
  • Go to Start and launch YTD Video Downloader;
  • Click on the “Paste URL” button;
  • At the end, to start the download, you just need to press the “Download“ button.

If you want, before starting the download, you can customize the download quality through the appropriate drop-down menu and the folder where our videos will be stored. 

Once the file has been downloaded, if you want to convert it to another format, perhaps to use it on our device, tap to move to the “Convert” tab, open it, choose the format, quality and finally click on the “Convert video” button. Please note that the Pro version offers automatic conversion and helps users to save time.

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Since we are mentioning the YTD Pro Version, the authors of the application have reserved some functions for Pro users. The unlimited YTD Video Downloader allows:

  • to download from all YouTube videos you love;
  • to perform multiple and simultaneous downloads, from the same site or from different sites;
  • the download of entire playlists with a click;
  • to pause and continue downloading videos;
  • to convert multiple video files at the same time; automatic conversion to the chosen format;
  • to have 24/7 customer support and 30-day money back guarantee.

Not decided, yet? Feel free to try YTD Video Downloader&Converter, the best video downloader to download and convert YouTube videos.

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