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Probably a certain time ago it was hard to change careers and retrain to become somebody other than your inherited profession ( starting from grand grand grand somebody in your family). Also, it was not easy to choose freely what and who you want to be when the time comes to choose a money-making path. The present-day world with all its never-ending opportunities lets you be and become anything and anyone you want to be. That’s why if you decide to either recertify or are in a professional consideration stage, the most it takes is to take your internet-connected device and start smart research.  This article will provide what to look for when looking for the options of tackling the graphic design profession.

Define your reasoning

Of course, if it is something that you have been dreaming about for quite a long and before you learned how to walk you were already creating sketches… on mama’s bedroom walls…talented though, then there is a chance that you 100% realize who a graphic designer is and what the area of expertise is. However, if the intention to be in graphic design comes from some mythical ideas: ” nothing hard and I get to play a lot”, ” I can save money on design for my products ( partially true)”, ” In the first grade my yellow elephant won the competition”, etc, it means that you have to dig deeper and cover every corner. Otherwise, you might get discouraged when a graphic design will not appear to be just a way to make things pretty. 

Befriend graphic design apps

Before proceeding to set an educational background for a solid skill formation, play with graphic design apps, implementing your vision with the tools they offer. There are myriads of options to try, be it a Youtube thumbnail maker, a collage maker, an infographics creator, an animation maker, or an e-book design. Also, you may try creating a flyer,  logo, photobook, or gift certificate. Whatever you choose to get involved with, make sure you feel every step of the process and it does not bother you or annoy you.  You feel like you want to do the best, ( the sparkle never disappears) but not just end it up and forget about it. The idea is to make sure you are not committing to something that will eventually fail to turn into a meaningful professional future.

Proofs of your best efforts 

It goes without saying that an educational moment is crucial for obtaining the desired qualification. However, this part is mostly dedicated to the after-training period. When you learned something and are already making your first steps participating in projects, or working on small orders. This is your valuable practice and an important constituent of your portfolio. There you must keep all your works ( quality-proven of course). Your best efforts must be eventually presented to your potential employers. 

Learn from what inspires

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You definitely have seen the design pieces that made you go “wow”. Well, go ahead and try to recreate the same. No, you mustn’t copy it for presenting it as your own, by just changing the color palette a bit. You should do it just for the learning purpose of honing your skills and spotting weak points to improve. We are all inspired by something that motivates us to discover our talents and it’s OK to start with making replicas just to practice and, in case of a successful result, to feel great about ourselves. Even if you want to show it to the audience, please give credit to the original designer and probably explain why it is among your works. 

Ask for help 

At the dawn of your design career, you should always turn to more experienced representatives for some useful professional help. There is nothing wrong with that, there may be a lot of stuff that keeps puzzling you from the design perspective. Find a like-minded community of specialists and be in the know of what’s going on in your professional segment. There might be quite useful discussions that can provide you with valuable solutions to your problems. Yes, it is valuable to develop a personal professional opinion and your own vision of how things should be done. However, in the beginning, you ought to gain some basis for that opinion to start generating.


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Pursuing a career in graphic design one must clearly realize what sort of occupation that is and what level of commitment must be developed at the very beginning. You must not be stressing yourself out with, let’s say,  having not enough talent. Derek Jeter once said, “There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do – and I believe that.” And that is exactly what matters – your efforts. 

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