Have you been looking for an application that you can use to convert your YouTube videos to something more like MP3? As you know MP3 only takes up about a 10th of the storage size as a CD audio track and much less compared to a fully fledged MP4 file. If you are at that point where you are conscious about your disk space but would also like to download and carry your favourite music with you, then you should closely at 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter.

The website is an easy, fast platform with no registration or restrictions, allowing you to download YouTube the application so that your videos can be converted to mp3 on the go.

Because we would wish you to have an amazing experience during the conversion phase, this guide is all about how to use 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter because of its simplicity, efficiency and beauty. Before we set foot in the good land, let us describe some of the features you will definitely get to receive once you have it in your computer.

Features of 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • Download YouTube playlists and channels: Get full YouTube playlists and channels in MP3, M4A and OGG. Save your ‘Watch Later’, ‘Liked videos’ and ‘My Mix’ playlists. Download private YouTube content with access in original quality.
  • YouTube Premium download: Get access to higher quality YouTube audio. Login as a YouTube Premium subscriber and get exclusive content available only to the Premium members.
  • Get original quality without conversion: Grab audio in the same quality it is stored on the website.
  • Download speed control: Increase the download performance with an in-app intensity regulator. Adjust the speed to the possibilities of your Internet connection. Safely download content even when your connection is slow.
  • Audiobooks download: Download podcasts and audiobooks from YouTube. Play to them on the go through your car stereo or on your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Samsung and other mobile devices.
  • Built-in Music Player: Listen to music via native music player, no need to open another application.
  • Easy Proxy Setup: Change your IP address through in-app proxy to access and download audio from YouTube and other sites restricted by your Internet service provider or workplace IT administrator.
  • Smart File Organization: Save playlists and channels into automatically created subfolders. Obtain audio tags based on the track name. Get .m3u files for downloaded playlists to quickly play them.
  • All popular websites support: Download audio from YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Twitch, and Tumblr.
  • Support for more than one Operating System: You can install and use 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter in macOS, Windows, Ubuntu. This gives you the freedom to be in more than one space if you are a versatile kind of a person.

To get started with this tool, we all have to download the application and install it on our Windows, macOS, U Operating System. Head over to the download link. If you would wish to download for other Operating Systems, go to this downloads link and then go to the 4K YouTube to MP3 section as illustrated below.

4k youtube to mp3 section in website

Click on the download tab against your Operating System. For this example, we shall use Windows to illustrate how 4K YouTube to MP3 works.

Once the download is over, go to the folder you expect to get the file downloaded into and then double click on it to start the installation process.

4k youtube to mp3 downloaded installer

First agree to the terms and conditions then click on “Install” as illustrated below.

4k youtube to mp3 installation 1 agree to terms

In case you get any prompt asking you to accept installation, gladly press “Yes”. The setup progress will begin as shown below. Simply give it some time to complete the installation process.

4k youtube to mp3 installation 2 setup progress

After a while, you will get the following prompt that declares your installation was successful.

4k youtube to mp3 installation 3 installation complete

You can launch the application and you will be greeted with the following glow of beauty.

4k youtube to mp3 installation 4 launched applicaition

A user-friendly interface and brings you the ultimate straightforward experience when you need to download video files and convert them into the audio equivalent

Inputting your License

Once you have 4K YouTube to MP3 installed, it comes without the licensing. You can still use 4K YouTube to MP3 without the License but with a limited number of videos you can download and convert daily which is 30. Lucky for us the process of inputting your license is pretty straightforward. Once you have launched the application, click on “Tools” then “Manage License” as illustrated below.

4k youtube to mp3 licence 1 click tools manage license

A new window will show up where you have two options. If you already have the license with you, simply click on “Activate License” and in case it is the first time, then click on “Get License“.

4k youtube to mp3 licence 2 click get license or activate license

With the “Get License” option clicked, you will be redirected to their website where you will be able to purchase a license that befits your budget.

We shall illustrate how to activate the license. As shared above, simply click on “Activate License” then paste the key you will get after purchasing one in the text area shown below. After that is done, click on “Activate“.

4k youtube to mp3 licence 3 input license key

Using 4K YouTube to MP3 to Convert Your Videos

For this example, we shall use YouTube as the source of our videos and demonstrate the efficiency and the ease of use of 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter. You have two options here if you would like to download and convert the video to mp3.

You can either paste a link of your favorite video to 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter or you can use the in-built applications inside it. Let us go through the searching of a video using the in-built YouTube application.

Click on YouTube icon as shown below.

4k youtube to mp3 search for video in search area then click youtube

This will open YouTube inside 4K YouTube to MP3 as shared below.

4k youtube to mp3 search for tom and jerry

Search for your favorite video and then click on the download Tab just below 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter. It will begin downloading and converting it behind the scenes as shown in the message at the top right like so. This is very interesting and amazing.

4k youtube to mp3 search for tom and jerry then click download

Once the download is complete, click on the circled area as shared on the screenshot shown below.

4k youtube to mp3 tom and jerry downloaded

And you will see your mp3 file already converted.

4k youtube to mp3 tom and jerry show mp3 file

Secondly, there is the option of pasting the link right into the converter. First, copy the link then click on the “Paste Link” icon, paste the link to an audio track you want to download into the application and it is going to be on your computer in mere seconds.

4k youtube to mp3 paste link 1

The download and conversion will begin before you know it.

4k youtube to mp3 paste link 2 downloaded

As you have seen so far, 4K YouTube to MP3 presents a clean interface, straightforward operation, and quick music saving. You can later transfer the downloaded tracks to your smartphone, tablet, or flash drive to enjoy it everywhere you go.

4K YouTube to MP3 Settings

There are settings in this application to fine tune what you would wish to have depending on your needs. You can change the quality of video you would wish to download as well as many other settings. You can access all of these via one intuitive tab that you can click anytime and that is the gear icon positioned at the top right of the application. This is shown below.

4k youtube to mp3 settings icon

Click on it and you get a suite of settings you can use to set the app to your taste.

4k youtube to mp3 settings indepth

For example you can change the location where mp3 files will be dropped in your computer, change the quality of videos to convert among many others as it has been shown above. There are other tabs like “Advanced“, “Notification” and others where It is all in your hands.

Concluding Words

4K YouTube to MP3 converter is here to assist you convert and download music from not only YouTube but other media websites in one sumptuous step. You can easily convert videos to mp3 and enjoy your music collection anytime you are in a place without internet connection. Moreover, you get to save on space and get more music on your hard drive. With a Pro License, you get unlimited downloads and use it anywhere anytime without any hassle, ads or distractions. What is more is that 4K YouTube to MP3 comes with an in-built music player so that you don’t have to switch to another player after your downloads/conversions have been done. It is the flick of 4K YouTube to MP3.

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