Hi there wonderful people, this article goes head first into comparing the new beautiful releases of Fedora 30 and Ubuntu 19.04. It is organized in such a manner that each Operating system is analyzed independently beginning with Fedora 30. Let us roll.

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Introduction to Fedora 30

Red Hat is known for it cutting edge distributions that most of the business world hail and hence employ for their servers. Fedora is one of their product available free for download an usage.

install kde plasma fedora details

There are three flavors of Fedora that is the Workstation, Server and Atomic Host editions. There are other spins that the community has forked out of the parent OS and you can always check them out. Fedora 30 boasts of a fresh new look in the garments of GNOME 3.32 which comes with the new features. GNOME 3.32 comes packed with noticeable visual improvements. You can feel the aesthetics immediately the desktop settles. The icons and the user interface just looks fresh and brand new. Notwithstanding, the new GNOME affords more robust support for HiDPI displays, including experimental non-integer scaling, allowing for applications to be drawn at 150% or 175%, when using Wayland

Faster DNF Package Manager

This is all thanks to the brand new zchunk compression algorithm used to compress repository metadata. It makes sure that only the changed pieces will be downloaded while downloading a new version of a file.

Installation of Fedora 30

A full installation guide of Fedora 30 is found on this link:  How To Install Fedora 30 – Step by Step With Screenshots

Anaconda system installer gets us up and running in the installation process while it asks the familiar questions to set up your environment. The installer supports multi-device volumes such as LVM and Btrfs, and other standard file system partitions such as ext4 or ext3. The login screen comes with GNOME (running on Wayland), GNOME Classic and GNOME on Xorg options for you to choose.

On the other side of the coin, GNOME on Xorg Fedora experience was way better. The response on desktop and laptop is faster compared to Wayland’s and completely killed it on VirtualBox. The performance on virtualbox was much faster and much responsive and at least showed some ray of hope for the distribution.

Fedora 30 Applications

The Workstation edition provides us with the following default applications:

  • Firefox web browser
  • Evolution e-mail client
  • LibreOffice.

GNOME comes with Shotwell photo manager, an image viewer app, document viewer, a map application, archive manager and a calendar application and simple image viewer. There is a system monitor in place to view how the system is performing while running.

New desktop environments.

Fedora 30 has spins for LXQT, KDE, XFCE,, MATE-Compiz, Cinnamon, and LXDE . Out-of-the-box, this makes it possible to use different desktop environments without touching any configurations. Added desktop environments include packages for Deepin (the desktop environments used in Deepin Linux) and Pantheon (which powers elementaryOS)


Full multimedia codecs do not come out of the box. Even though you can play a few files here and there like MP3, you will need to find other codecs from RPMFusion to be bale to ply video files. Otherwise, there is Rhythmbox audio player and the Totem video player installed already. You can find other media players like VLC from RPMFusion and Red Hat repositories.

Performance improvements

Fedora 30 embraces GCC 9.0, which brings modest performance enhancements across all applications that have been recompiled using the new GCC 9.0. Whatsmore, there are even better improvements which begun with Fedora 29. For instance, the new flicker-free boot process, which hides the GRUB loader/kernel select screen by default. This as well makes updating software through the Software Center a smooth process.


Fedora presents no problems integrating with hardware. The OS was able to detect the hardware and load proper modules for their functionality. Perfect network connectivity, good sound modules as well as the rest of the drivers. The virtual environment was no less. Its ability to support the virtual properties was impressive though the speed was slightly low in this platform.

The sluggishness of Wayland that was found in Fedora 29 is no more. Fedora 30 desktop edition is a user-friendly and stable release.

Depecrated Packages

There are packages that are no longer supported in Fedora 30. Some of them include:

  • Apache Avalon
  • Apache Jakarta Commons HttpClient
  • Apache Jakarta ORO and Regexp
  • Apache Maven 2.x
  • Sonatype OSS Parent


I guess so much has been touched on already and you will make your decision based on the experience above. The desktop edition is a good release. The aesthetics are fantastically better, GNOME new features are impressive and the availability of packages is not an issue at all. Just get your hand on the new distribution, explore what it has to offer.

As Wayland continues to get better, there is still a small issue though. Things will be better with time for sure. Otherwise, give feedback once you have your experience on.

Having looked at Fedora 30 at various dimensions, let us now shift our focus and take a look at Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo

Ubuntu 19.04 with the code name of Disco Dingo was released in April 18, 2019. It comes with new features that were supposedly not completed by the time Bionic Beaver was released. Cosmic Cuttlefish comes with GNOME 3.30 and better default icon theme known as the Yaru Community theme. When compared to the default icon theme of Bionic Beaver, one cannot miss to observe that it looks way better and more stunning. Such a beautiful icon theme it comes with there

ubuntu 19.04


The installation process of Ubuntu is very simple and elegant. The installer will take you through the installation process without any trouble as long as the questions and settings are done correctly. What is interesting about Ubiquity graphical installer is its fastness, its ability to accommodate a wide variety of file systems such as JFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, LVM, XFS,and Btrfs.

You will meet two sessions that are made available during installation including one that is labeled Ubuntu and another one labeled Ubuntu on Xorg. It is worth noting that Wayland has been gaining much ground now and the step that Ubuntu has taken to make its users choose between the two is a clear indication that it has truly gained a lot of ground. The one labeled just Ubuntu runs GNOME on Wayland while the others can be deduced runs Gnome on classic Xorg server display. Both of them work pretty well so you have the liberty to settle on one.

Hardware and Kernel 5.0

When it comes to Ubuntu 19.04 and its compatibility with hardware, it is worth noting that it runs pretty well on both Virtual environments and on a computer such as a laptop. There is no need to worry, especially if you would like to run it virtually. You will access all of the features in the OS.

What is more is that Ubuntu 19.04 ships with Kernel 5.0. This kernel version comes with ‘a bucket full of improvements’ such as support for AMD FreeSync, Raspberry Pi touchscreens, and Adiantum encryption.


Now here comes the section that most people would wish to read and confirm. The new spin of Ubuntu 19.04 comes with a collection of default applications to get you hitting the road without much fuss. For the ones who are engaged with writing documents, LibreOffice 6.2.2 comes by default and you can a well prefer to install other office applications such as WPS if you so wish. Moreover, Firefox browser 66 and Thunderbird email client are also at your disposal. In addition, a photo manager known as Shotwell is present together with Transmission bittorrent application for getting torrent sites files. File indexing and search service Tracker is also installed by default.

Multimedia applications have not been left behind so no problem will be encountered if you have music or videos to watch. The totem video player comes in to sort you out as well as Rhythmbox to spice up your mp3 music listening experience. Other applications include the network Manager, file manager (Nautilus), calendar and systemd initialization software as well as version 5.0 of the Linux kernel.

If you are an NVIDIA graphics card person, you will be happy to know that there is an option to install proprietary NVIDIA graphics drivers during installation. There is no need to hassle and fuss about it later.

A new wallpaper

Even though it seems minor, the default installation of Ubuntu 19.04 comes with a new wallpaper. I presume they wanted to re-enforce the new code-name.

Better Icons

Ubuntu Disco Dingo ships with Gnome 3.32. You can guess what a new version of GNOME can bring to the table. The hard work of the GNOME team cannot be overemphasized for they have powered many Linux desktops. The new GNOME 3.32 comes packed with noticeable visual improvements and better icons. You can feel the aesthetics immediately the desktop settles. The icons and the user interface just looks fresh and brand new.


As can be seen, there is much that has changed in the new Version 19.04. It will be left to the users to decide if the major changes are advantageous or a letdown. The integration of Wayland, GNOME and the Snaps software are just a few of the big jumps Ubuntu has indulged.

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