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Have you ever thought that it was possible to track basic and complex data within your network so that you could identify a breach of information from the inside?

Well, it is actually totally available nowadays thanks to technology.  It is called a user activity monitoring system, and they are changing the landscape of how companies and large entities can protect their info from the inside.

It is pretty high-level stuff, but you may be wondering what that really means.  Well, there are a ton of different variations of user activity monitoring today, but there are several key common denominators.

Screen Activity

One feature of most UAM’s is the fact that the system can monitor activity going on on a screen and store that data forever.

This could really be beneficial to see whose computer is going on sketchy websites and potentially bringing bad viruses with them.  Seeing what is going on the screen is going to help you get to the root cause of a bad situation.

Time and Attendance

Another factor that could be beneficial for you is to see who is on and at what specific time.

If a person got into something that they should not, then you have the data to know who the suspect could be because you have data about who was on what computer and performing bad actions to hurt the system.

It could also be used for analyzing people and seeing what kind of time they are putting in and what is normal.  If you see that someone is working 24/7, then you might be able to see that something is not quite right with that account and it could be compromised.

Email Monitoring

If an email comes through into your network and it is spam or could be harmful if it is opened, then you want to be able to track this.

That is why email monitoring can be vital for businesses that want to add a layer of protection to their systems and set up a buffer between employees and spam emails.

Something that really can be beneficial is to look at user activity monitoring systems that have advanced email monitoring in place.  It could also detect emails between employees that are not appropriate or need attention too.

User activity monitoring systems are here to stay, and it will be interesting to see what else they can do in the upcoming years.  They have come a long way in the past decade, and it will be interesting to see even small businesses hopping on the trend once they realize how important it is.

They collect a lot of data and then can let you use it to detect fraud, harmful breaches of security, and track key metrics of your employees.  It really is going to be a vital system for companies and entities for years to come in the future!