Since 2003, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (or CoD) continues to win the favor of millions of players worldwide. In the latest 2019 release of the game, developers surprised the CoD fans with improved graphics and new storylines that were both loved and criticized by many players. Nevertheless, those features that make CoD one of the most successful shooters in the market is the availability of exciting multiplayer modes. Let’s discuss some of them in this article.

Top-7 CoD Quick Game Modes to Try

Since the release of the game, Call of Duty has launched many game modes and their updates. The multiplayer menu allows starting the quick game that has most of the popular modes. If you don’t feel confident enough, you can organize the CoD MW boost and enjoy the below gaming options.

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  1. Team Deathmatch (up to 6 players per team) – it requires players to get 75 scores by killing the opponents or simply get more scores than the rivals for 10 minutes.
  2. Cyber Attack (up to 6 players per team) – in this mode, your team has to either plant a bomb or defuse it. However, even if the bomb has been diffused, the game doesn’t stop until one of the teams neutralizes the opponent.
  3. Domination (up to 6 players per team) – the purpose of the match is to capture the flag and keep it as long as the squad will manage to get 200 points.
  4. Free-for-All (1 player) – in this mode, you have to play alone against the rivals and to kill as much as possible. Your task is to either score 30 points or get the best result at the end of the match.
  5. Infected (2 teams) – this mode puts the player into the world of infected zombies. Members of the healthy team have to neutralize zombies who in turn can infect the healthy players and turn them against their former team.
  6. Gun Game (1 player) – by choosing this option, you immerse yourself in the situation when after killing each new opponent, your weapon is changed. Your task is to get the winning number of points.
  7. Headquarters (2 teams) – the team’s goal is to seize the opponent’s headquarter and keep it for at least 30 seconds. The game finishes after the time ends or when one of the teams scores 200 points.

bbqTlELHAqxPEVKvvw1pstnX7mXF3eixdlYdD vdbRdn fiCqMtiO2KnTrpMeanwhile, there are also more specific modes available outside the quickplay menu. For example, the Ground War is an extended version of the Domination where the teams of 32 players have to capture five objects on the large map. Meanwhile, players can take advantage of using vehicles like tanks. Besides, there is a combination of Deathmatch and Domination modes where the winner has to score 300 points by either killing the enemies or capturing the flag.  

Finally, the list of available game modes is not limited to the above-mentioned options. Try them all to become a real Pro. Good luck!

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