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When it comes to making a website, some people are put off. They think it requires a course in computer programming and that it is virtually impossible for a layperson. This may have been true in the early days of the internet, but times are changing.

Now, a lot of the hard work and coding is done behind the scenes by professionals who provide templates. This gives virtually anyone the power to make their own websites by following a few simple steps. So, what are the pros and cons of building a website without manually coding it yourself?

Pros and Cons

These are few pros and cons of building a website without manual coding.

Faster and Easier

Obviously, the main advantage of using a website builder is the fact that no previous experience is required, and it can be done relatively easily. The software tools online provide templates, and users simply edit the sections that they want to change. This makes the process extremely fast, and it is possible to build from the ground up a functioning website in the space of an hour.

Not as Hands-on

The downside to this method is the lack of a hands-on approach. The actual act of coding and developing a page from the ground up can be a rewarding experience. The person doing the coding can see the progress they have made and be proud of their work.

Website Builders Provide Options

There are some website builder software options out there that have taken into account the pros and cons listed above. The template website builder, Boxmode, is a solid option for beginners who just want something quick and easy. They simply choose their preferred template, edit the sections, add their own images, and any other things they want to change.

The same tool also has options for more advanced users. For those who want to experience the joy of manipulating all the little aspects of the site, there are more sophisticated tools. The pro-level feature on Boxmode allows for much more control over intricate detail in the creation of a website. This could appease people who want to take more time in adding fine touches to every area of the page.

Aspiring Developers Should Stick to Coding

For business owners and people who need to quickly get a website set up, website builders are the way to go. Customizing templates from the platform allows for originality, and there isn’t much effort required from the user.

Those who are pursuing a career in web development should eschew these sites, though. There are over 1 million computer programming jobs that are unfilled in 2020, meaning this is a viable career path to follow. By opting for a website builder, there is no coding involved and users are unable to see what happens behind the scenes. This means that aspiring coders wouldn’t gain any experience from using a web builder tool.

There are various pros and cons to using a website builder, and it all depends on what your overall aim is. If you want to be a developer and make sites from scratch, then a website builder isn’t for you. But for most people, who are seeking to get a page together quickly and painlessly for their business, a website builder is the best option.

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