The two titans of the comic book world have been battling it out for supremacy for many decades now. Between Marvel and DC, it is clearly the former that is on top for the time being. All that can change, but in the meantime both studios have many fans and produce a lot of content and merchandising to keep them satisfied.

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Games have always been a big superhero movie spin-off, and now we can find lots of titles to play on our smartphones. There are quite a few different mobile-friendly games available from DC and Marvel, for both Android and iOS. For gamers who like to play games via mobile casino apps, there are plentiful DC slot games to be found – but not as many from Marvel since the Disney takeover. Here is our pick of the best of the rest.

Marvel Future Fight (Android/iOS)

This is a fun and fast-paced RPG featuring around 200 characters from the Marvel cinematic universe. Guardians, Avengers, X-Men and more, you will definitely find your personal favorite here. Collect and upgrade characters and use them to complete missions and fight your enemies. The game is free to play, although it does have some freemium elements. One of the better Marvel mobile games.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Android/iOS)

One of the older and still one of the best DC games for mobile, Injustice: Gods Among Us is an impressive companion game to the console version. It is a card and combat game, where players can collect character cards, level them up through successful fights and earn virtual currency to help make their character even stronger. Heroes such as Wonder Woman, Batman and The Flash can face off against a gallery of villains like The Joker, Doomsday and Lex Luthor. While there are in-app purchases, the game can be played quite happily without them. 

Marvel Puzzle Quest (Android/iOS)

This is part of the wider Puzzle Quest series, and a great game for passing the time. Match symbols to play with a choice of over 200 characters, level up and use your team to fight or complete story quests. Gamers love this one for the tactics required – it is one that needs some brain engagement. Building your roster takes time and patience, although it is possible to accelerate the process by making a purchase here and there.

DC Legends: Battle for Justice (Android/iOS)

Collect your DC heroes and prepare to do battle with invaders from an alien dimension. Be sure to pick the right hero in this action-packed RPG, as some are more suited to fighting off certain villains than others. Gameplay is a fairly simple tap-to-attack affair, and there are auto functions for players who prefer to concentrate on team building. Reach a high enough level and you can unlock live PvP functionality.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Android/iOS)

This is a great departure from the regular superhero mobile games, and a fantastic choice for kids of all ages. Marvel characters are reimagined as cute Lego figures, each with their own special powers such as strength, flight or invisibility. There are enough quests to keep players happy for many hours, and the game lets you choose between touchscreen and console-style controls depending on your preference. This game requires a one-off purchase, and is subsequently free to play. 

Teeny Titans (Android/iOS)

Another one for the kids, the Teeny Titans game features versions of DC heroes as presented by the Cartoon Network, with big heads and tiny bodies. Headed up by Robin, players can collect more than seventy figures of famous DC characters from stores around Jump City. Combat mode pitches you against your foes in a three-on-three battle. Swap and level up figures to find the perfect team combo and win your clashes to unlock more abilities. This game also requires a one-off purchase, but for the small price there is plenty of gameplay to pass the hours.

This is just a small selection of the many mobile superhero games available from Google Play or the App Store. Some newer games like Marvel’s Realm of Champions even manage to make a decent version of a multiplayer online battle arena game. Young or old, there is a mobile game for every Marvel and DC Comics fan.

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