As of January 2021 there were 1,197,982,359 websites globally and they continue to grow everyday. That huge number indicates that there are many opportunities in the web and anyone can have a slice of this pie. Whether you are contemplating about moving your enterprise or beginning one on the web, this is one of the best times in history to execute that idea. We are more inter-connected than ever before and this means an ocean of opportunities.

One of the ways you can begin online presence is by constructing a website maybe a social media account here or a blog there. For a website or blog, there are various avenues you can use to have one up and running. You can hire a web developer or you can decide to put up something for yourself using tools such as WordPress and other content management systems such as Drupal.

WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software for free. A content management system is a software tool that makes it super easy to manage features of your website – like written content and pages – without having any programming skills.

As you think about starting something and you need online presence, WordPress can be one tool you can use or leverage to install and manage your own business website, e-Commerce site, Blog, Portfolio or Forum. Due to that, this article provides some books that will teach you the internals of WordPress so that what you are creating can be one of the more than one billion websites aforementioned. We know you are excited about learning WordPress which powers forty percent (40%) of total websites globally.

1. WordPress for Beginners 2021

Dr. Andy Williams, the author, notes that building a beautiful, professional-looking WordPress website (or a blog) is no longer in the domain of computer geeks alone. He brings out the best in his expertise herein to teach everyone how they can build an online presence in form of a blog or webpage using the simplicity and flexibility of WordPress.

Andy wrote this resource with the primary goal of taking anyone, even an absolute beginner, from zero to WordPress “guru” in a few short hours. He uses step-by-step visual approach ( with over 330 screenshots) to cover the latest version of WordPress just for your benefit.

Some of the things you will fond inside:

  • How to set up web hosting and domain registrar the correct way.
  • Installing WordPress.
  • A Dashboard overview.
  • Cleaning out the stuff that is installed by default.
  • Finding and installing WordPress themes to change the look and feel of your website instantly.
  • Plugins. What they are and how they can add fabulous features to your site.
  • How to update WordPress, themes, and plugins.
  • Understand every single setting. You can use our suggested defaults.
  • How to find and use the RSS feeds to help search engines find your content.
  • Importance of user-profiles and assigning an image (Gravatar) to your email address.
  • Creating great navigation systems on your site, with custom menus, internal linking, and related posts.
  • Enabling and dealing with visitor comments.

Just as the title of the book depicts, this is a book that anyone can approach and feel welcome due to the simplicity that the author has employed. Whether you want to build a business site, an affiliate site, a hobby site, or a blog, WordPress is a great choice, and this accessible book shows you how. Click below to get started and save what you would have spent elsewhere.

WordPress for Beginners 2021: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering WordPress

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2. WordPress All-in-One For Dummies

Author Lisa Sabin-Wilson is a popular conference speaker who co-owns WebDevStudios, a development company specializing in custom WordPress plugins, themes, and deployments. She has a deep understanding of WordPress and is here to help anyone with interest to learn this tool that changed how websites and blogs can be setup.

From the basics of setting up your account, to choosing a host and theme, to managing content with editor Gutenberg, to keeping your site secure, the 8 expert books packed in this resource will help you take the WordPress community by storm.

While you read, you will learn how to:

  • Build your site foundation
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a server
  • Become a site admin proExamining SEO
  • Utilize Plugins
  • Customize Your Site
  • Publish Your Site
  • Manage content using Gutenberg
  • Among others

Lisa Sabin-Wilson does enterprise level applications, design & development for WordPress for her clients and she not only has sound technical expertise but offers more to her readers in this fully packed and easy to read book. Start your online presence today by leveraging on WordPress that Lisa teaches adequately. Click below to order this copy from Amazon.

WordPress All-in-One For Dummies

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3. WordPress 5 Cookbook

Author Rakhitha Nimesh Ratnayake is a freelance web developer, writer, and open source enthusiast. He has over 9 years of experience in developing WordPress applications and plugins. He develops premium WordPress plugins for individual clients and the CodeCanyon marketplace. As a subject matter expert, Rakhitha decided to bless his readers with this book to help them learn what he has managed to do with WordPress for the many years he been actively developing.

This text for intermediate users starts with simple recipes for configuring WordPress and managing basic platform features. It then move on to explore how to install and customize WordPress plugins, widgets, and themes. The next few chapters cover recipes for content and user-management-related topics such as customizing the content display, working with content types, using the new Gutenberg editor, and customizing editorial workflow for building advanced blogs.

It has thirteen chapters and goes deeper into WordPress where you will learn how to use WordPress as an application framework as well as a platform for building e-commerce sites.

What you will learn

  • Install and customize WordPress themes and plugins for building websites
  • Develop modern web designs without the need to write any code
  • Explore the new Gutenberg content editor introduced in WordPress 5 (Bebo)
  • Use the existing WordPress plugins to add custom features and monetize your website
  • Improve user interaction and accessibility for your website with simple tricks
  • Discover powerful techniques for maintaining and securing your websites
  • Extend built-in WordPress features for advanced website management

As you finish this book, you will have the tools and skills required to build and maintain modern WordPress websites with the latest technologies and be able to find quick solutions to common WordPress problems. Isn’t that enough to get you excited? Jump into it as soon as you order this copy from Amazon below:

WordPress 5 Cookbook: Actionable solutions to common problems when building websites with WordPress

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4. Building Web Apps with WordPress

To start off with the portfolio of the authors, Brian has been working with WordPress at an expert level since 2008 building custom web and mobile solutions for clients such as TIME Magazine, NBC, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Constant Contact, Uber among others. His co-author Jason Coleman, has been pushing WordPress to its limits for years and has helped launch several startups using WordPress as an application framework. They are basically adept at WordPress and are here to help fellow developers to stake their skills to another new level.

Before proceeding, it is useful to note that this book will be most useful for WordPress developers looking to work on heavier applications, and PHP developers with some WordPress experience looking for a PHP-based application framework. Beginners will find it a little bit deep.

If you are a programmer with familiarity with PHP, HTML, SQL, jQuery/JavaScript, and CSS, this book will show you how to use WordPress as an application framework to build any web app, large or small.

Some of the things you will find inside:

  • Managing user accounts and roles, and access user data
  • Building asynchronous behaviors with jQuery
  • Using WordPress to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Integrating PHP libraries, external APIs, and web service plugins
  • Collecting payments through ecommerce and membership plugins
  • Learning how to speed up and scale your WordPress app
  • Extending the WordPress REST API and create custom endpoints
  • Learning about WordPress Gutenberg blocks development

Do not forget that in this updated second edition, Brian Messenlehner and Jason Coleman cover new features and functionality added to WordPress up to version 5.4. Click below to get it all in your collection from Amazon and get coding in WordPress.

Building Web Apps with WordPress: WordPress as an Application Framework

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5. WordPress The Missing Manual

Geared towards helping complete beginners to grasp the power of WordPress to build their own websites and have control over it, the author does a good job in making it as easy as possible for anyone to follow along. Author Matthew MacDonald is a science and technology writer with well over a dozen books to his name. He is particularly known for his books about building websites.

In this jargon-free Missing manual, Matthew shows you how to use WordPress’s themes, widgets, and plug-ins to build just about any kind of site. You will learn everything you need to create a new WordPress site, fill it with content, and make it look professional.

What you will know in the end:

  • Setting up WordPress: Configure WordPress on your web host or get it running on your home computer.
  • Creating your site: Get hands-on instructions for building all types of websites, from blogs to business sites with ecommerce features.
  • Jazzing your site up: Add picture galleries, slideshows, video clips, music players, and podcasts.
  • Adding features: Select from thousands of plug-ins to enhance your site’s capabilities, from contact forms to a basic shopping cart.
  • Building a truly unique site: Customize a WordPress theme to create a site that looks exactly the way you want.
  • Attracting an audience. Use SEO, site statistics, and social sharing to reach more people.
    cStaying safe: Use backup and staging tools to protect your content and avoid catastrophe.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to make websites with WordPress. As long as you know your way around a computer (and the internet), but you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the world of WordPress, this is the manual that should not be missing in your personal library. Get is as soon as you can from Amazon by clicking on the link below.

WordPress: The Missing Manual: The Book That Should Have Been in the Box

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6. WordPress Explained

Stephen Burge combines teaching and web design by running which teaches people how to build websites. He has managed to work with clients including Apple, Pfizer and the U.S. Departments of Energy among others.

In this text, the author walks beginners through installing WordPress, planning sites that are easy to use and manage, adding content, and incorporating powerful site features without programming. In the end, you will learn how to run your site securely and efficiently, no matter how big or popular it becomes!

Comprised of eighteen chapters, you will master WordPress hands-on, through a complete case study, crystal-clear visuals, simple explanations, and on-target analogies, all extensively tested with real WordPress beginners.

The biggest motivation is that if you follow along, then by the end of the book, you will have a complete WordPress site and will be ready to build WordPress sites that make you proud. You copy awaits in Amazon in the link below.

WordPress Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide to WordPress (2020 Edition)

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7. WordPress For Dummies

Author Lisa Sabin-Wilson is a popular conference speaker who co-owns WebDevStudios, a development company specializing in custom WordPress plugins, themes, and deployments. She has a deep understanding of WordPress and is here to help anyone with interest to learn this tool that changed how websites and blogs can be setup.

Crafted for beginners and anyone with the desire to own their own blogs, e-commerce sites, or any kind of web application, this book drops you right into the fast lane to publishing your first website or blog by teaching you everything you need to know from the very beginning.

What you will get inside:

  • Customizing a theme
  • Creating your first post
  • Using the content management system
  • Working with multimedia formats
  • Adding plugins to your site
  • Building a publishing schedule
  • Becoming proficient in using the Dashboard
  • Hosting multiple sites

Armed with the knowledge in this text skills, you will be wielding the awesome power of WordPress―the web content-building tool used by individuals, organizations, and corporations worldwide to get their messaging out attractively and professionally. Waste no more time, click below to order for your copy from Amazon.

WordPress For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

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Final Comments

After learning WordPress, the limits that your imagination can take you will determine what you are about to showcase to the world. It has been made as easy as possible so that you can focus on what you would wish to share to the global citizens spread across this huge earth. Begin your venture today as we wait to drop our jaws at your creativity, your dream and vision.

Away from that sweet sauce, we would wish to extend our gratitude at the support we continue to receive from you all. You keep us going. If you would like to read more learning material, some are shared below for you.

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