When speaking about the areas of IT that has transformed over the years, I am pretty sure Web Development will not miss in the topics to be discussed. The reason I say this is because of the depth that the web has managed to plunge itself into the fields of commerce, entertainment, payments and many more.

It is no longer about a static site that presents some information but it has morphed being a very essential part of the human life. Talk of interacting with Public clouds (Azure, Google, AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode), online ecommerce sites (Amazon, Alibaba) all the way to fully fledged coding spaces for developers from a webpage. That is just a small surface of the much web development has been used to accomplish thus making it a skill worth learning. It is also worth penning that due to the need of style and aesthetics, designers are usually involved in the construction of modern sites in a bid to make them beautiful and to stand out. That being said the books below will provide the foundation that future legendary things will be built on top of by you.

Just keep in mind that continuous learning and knowledge review is a fundamental part of being a web developer. The web technologies and tools constantly evolve and improve, and web designers and developers have to keep abreast of them. For example, on November 26, the new version of PHP, the most widely used programming language, was released. And even those who already have some PHP/web development experience should study it to develop cutting-edge, high-performance PHP web applications with the newest PHP features.

The world of JavaScript is also constantly enriched with new and libraries, JavaScript UI frameworks which contribute to accelerating web app development.”

1. Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set 1st Edition

Jon Duckett must have seen the frustration that web development learners face when they tossed their heads into the field and got themselves swamped with a myriad of jargon and paths to follow. He provides a two-book set for web designers and front-end developers that make it easier to follow along.

This two-book set combines the titles:

  • HTML & CSS: Designing and Building Web Sites and
  • JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Development.

Together these two books form an ideal platform for anyone who wants to master HTML and CSS before stepping up to JavaScript and jQuery making it extra simple to follow as you grow in your skill.

HTML & CSS covers structure, text, links, images, tables, forms, useful options, adding style with CSS, fonts, colors, thinking in boxes, styling lists and tables, layouts, grids, and even SEO, Google analytics, ftp, and HTML5. JavaScript & jQuery offers an excellent combined introduction to these two technologies using a clear and simple visual approach using diagrams, infographics, and photographs.


  • A handy two-book set that uniquely combines related technologies
  • Highly visual format and accessible language makes these books highly effective learning tools
  • Perfect for beginning web designers and front-end developers

Have it all in your library from Amazon below

Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set

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2. Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 (Learning PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, CSS & HTML5)

Robin Nixon, the author has taken a hands-on approach to teach his readers web development which is a very effective way of mastering and getting results as you proceed. In the resource, you will build interactive, data driven websites with the potent combination of open source technologies and web standards, even if you have only basic HTML knowledge. In this update to this popular hands on guide, you’ll tackle dynamic web programming with the latest versions of today’s core technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and key jQuery libraries.

Web designers will learn how to use these technologies together and pick up valuable web programming practices along the way—including how to optimize websites for mobile devices. At the end of the book, you’ll put everything together to build a fully functional social networking site suitable for both desktop and mobile browsers.

Home take-aways

  • Explore MySQL, from database structure to complex queries
  • Use the MySQLi extension, PHP’s improved MySQL interface
  • Create dynamic PHP web pages that tailor themselves to the user
  • Manage cookies and sessions and maintain a high level of security
  • Enhance the JavaScript language with jQuery and jQuery mobile libraries
  • Use Ajax calls for background browser server communication
  • Style your web pages by acquiring CSS2 and CSS3 skills
  • Implement HTML5 features, including geolocation, audio, video, and the canvas element
  • Reformat your websites into mobile web apps

Click on the link below to view more details about the resource and to also purchase your copy.

Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 (Learning PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, CSS & HTML5)

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3. Murach’s PHP and MySQL (3rd Edition)

Co-authored by experienced develpoers Joel Murach, Ray Harris, and Anne Boehm (Editor), this 3rd Edition does a better-than-ever job of delivering the skills you need to develop database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL, the way today’s top web professionals do. Grasping PHP can be a little bit tricky but having resources like this that know that fact, it becomes way better to follow and understand.

Right from the start, you’ll learn to create applications that conform to the MVC pattern, so they’ll be easier to maintain as they grow. In addition, you’ll learn how to create applications that prevent SQL injection attacks and guard against XSS attacks.

As you proceed, you will be taken deeper into PHP by covering the skills you’ll use every day, like how to work with form data, dates, arrays, sessions, cookies, functions, objects, regular expressions, and exceptions. Likewise, next section dives into MySQL, teaching you how to design and create a database, as well as how to access and maintain database data from your PHP programs. Finally, you will learn important web programming skills like how to secure web pages, send email, upload files, and process images.

Note that complete sample applications and chapter exercises provide training support throughout. A great choice for any developer who wants to master PHP without a lot of frustration and unnecessary expense. Click below to get your book soonest.

Murach's PHP and MySQL (3rd Edition)

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4. Learn JavaScript VISUALLY with Interactive Exercises

If you love learning with visually rich kind of material, then you will fall in love with this resource put together by by Ivelin Demirov. His reason is that visual learners retain information very differently than their left-brained counter-parts and thus benefit from different approaches. Full color illustrations help memory triggers as your brain never forgets an image, metaphor or schema. One page of this visual JavaScript guide can equal one chapter of a conventional book as illustrations can make a world of difference over strictly words on a page!

If you have ever tried to learn JavaScript and you found it boring, difficult or you needed a different approach, why not get this book and see if it makes a difference?

What you will learn

  • How to read and write JavaScript
  • The syntax of the language
  • The most important concepts
  • Programming terminology
  • Basics of the object oriented programming
  • Learn by doing exercises

Learn JavaScript VISUALLY with Interactive Exercises: The Beautiful New Way to Learn a Programming Language (Learn Visually)

$9.95  in stock
as of July 31, 2021 12:53 pm

5. JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

Once you are comfortable with HTML & CSS, this full-color book by Jon Duckett will show you how to make your websites more interactive and your interfaces more interesting and intuitive. The author has HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites book as well to cover the most fundamental part of web development.

What the book covers

  • Basic programming concepts – assuming no prior knowledge of programming beyond an ability to create a web page using HTML & CSS
  • Core elements of the JavaScript language – so you can learn how to write your own scripts from scratch
  • jQuery – which will allow you to simplify the process of writing scripts (this is introduced half-way through the book once you have a solid understanding of JavaScript)
  • How to recreate techniques you will have seen on other web sites such as sliders, content filters, form validation, updating content using Ajax, and much more (these examples demonstrate writing your own scripts from scratch and how the theory you have learned is put into practice).

By the end of the book, the author promises that not only will you be able to use the thousands of scripts, JavaScript APIs, and jQuery plugins that are freely available on the web, and be able to customize them – you will also be able to create your own scripts from scratch.

More on this about pricing can be found below

JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

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6. Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition: A Modern Introduction to Programming

JavaScript lies at the heart of almost every modern web application, from social apps like Twitter to browser-based game frameworks like Phaser and Babylon. Though simple for beginners to pick up and play with, JavaScript is a flexible, complex language that you can use to build full-scale applications. Having noted that, Marijn Haverbeke the author put together this book that focuses on JavaScript.

This much anticipated and thoroughly revised third edition of Eloquent JavaScript dives deep into the JavaScript language to show you how to write beautiful, effective code. It has been updated to reflect the current state of Java¬Script and web browsers and includes brand-new material on features like class notation, arrow functions, iterators, async functions, template strings, and block scope. A host of new exercises have also been added to test your skills and keep you on track.

As you build projects such as an artificial life simulation, a simple programming language, and a paint program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the essential elements of programming, including syntax, control, and data
  • Organize and clarify your code with object-oriented and functional programming techniques
  • Script the browser and make basic web applications
  • Use the DOM effectively to interact with browsers
  • Harness Node.js to build servers and utilities

Ready for JavaScript? The link below will serve you best.

Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition: A Modern Introduction to Programming

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7. Murach’s JavaScript and jQuery (3rd Edition)

Today, you’ll find JavaScript and jQuery used everywhere on the web, from small individual sites to the largest commercial sites like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. That’s why every web developer needs to have at least a basic set of JavaScript and jQuery skills which Zak Ruvalcaba, Mary Delamater, Anne Boehm, and Mike Murach have presented so well in this eloquent book.

Whether you’re a web designer who’s coming from a background in HTML and CSS or a server-side programmer who’s coded in languages like PHP, C#, Java, and Python, you can absolutely lean on this resource. Due to its unique, self-paced approach, this book works regardless of your experience. And when you’re through learning from it, this book will become the best quick reference that you’ve ever used.

Complete coding examples, practice exercises, and Murach’s distinctive paired-pages format (each topic is presented in a 2-page spread with text and illustrations) all combine to let you tailor the pace and content to your personal learning style.

Find out more about Murach’s resource in Amazon on the link below

Murach's JavaScript and jQuery (3rd Edition)

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8. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

Duckett noted that every day, more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS. It is an absolute beginner book and a good refrence for those who are acquainted. Joining the professional web designers and programmers are new audiences who need to know a little bit of code at work (update a content management system or e-commerce store) and those who want to make their personal blogs more attractive. Many books teaching HTML and CSS are dry and only written for those who want to become programmers, which is why this book takes an entirely new approach.

  • Introduces HTML and CSS in a way that makes them accessible to everyone―hobbyists, students, and professionals―and it’s full-color throughout
  • Utilizes information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging
  • Boasts a unique structure that allows you to progress through the chapters from beginning to end or just dip into topics of particular interest at your leisure

This educational book is one that you will enjoy picking up, reading, then referring back to. It will make you wish other technical topics were presented in such a simple, attractive and engaging way!

Start your HTML & CSS voyage by clicking on the link below:

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

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9. Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

The author Jennifer Robbins targets those who want to build web pages but have no prior experience. The book id a friendly guide and serves as the perfect place to start. You’ll begin at square one, learning how the web and web pages work, and then steadily build from there. By the end of the book, you’ll have the skills to create a simple site with multicolumn pages that adapt for mobile devices.

Each chapter provides exercises to help you learn various techniques and short quizzes to make sure you understand key concepts.

This thoroughly revised edition is ideal for students and professionals of all backgrounds and skill levels. It is simple and clear enough for beginners, yet thorough enough to be a useful reference for experienced developers keeping their skills up to date.

What you will take away

  • Build HTML pages with text, links, images, tables, and forms
  • Use style sheets (CSS) for colors, backgrounds, formatting text, page layout, and even simple animation effects
  • Learn how JavaScript works and why the language is so important in web design
  • Create and optimize web images so they’ll download as quickly as possible
  • New! Use CSS Flexbox and Grid for sophisticated and flexible page layout
  • New! Learn the ins and outs of Responsive Web Design to make web pages look great on all devices
  • New! Become familiar with the command line, Git, and other tools in the modern web developer’s toolkit
  • New! Get to know the super-powers of SVG graphics

Visit Amazon to get this book by clicking on the link below

Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

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10. PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide

Larry Ullman presents an easy visual approach using demonstrations and real-world examples to guide you step by step through advanced techniques for dynamic Web development using PHP and MySQL. If you would wish to advance your server side skills using PHP and any SQL-based Database, then you should chek out for the content that Larry shares in this resource.

What you will find inside

  • Concise steps and explanations let you get up and running in no time.
  • Essential reference guide keeps you coming back again and again.
  • Whether you’re new to programming or an experienced veteran just needing to get up to speed on PHP and MySQL, this book will teach you all you need to know, including the latest changes in the languages, and much more!

Find all the details you need by clicking on the link below:

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer and would wish to jump into Web Development, the books described above will guide you in that path to success. Check out the ones that serve your needs and we hope you will succeed in your endeavor. Together with that, you can link up with a mentor, join online forums for learning, do a lot of hands-on stuff, and projects to cement your skills and to become the best. Listed below are other fantastic guides and articles that you might be interested in. Feel free to click your way through.

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