In our previous article, we looked at Must-Read Books to Learn Java Programming where we explored some of the resources you can take advantage of to get up to speed with Java Development. To build on that, after a while of coding in vanilla Java, you will realize that organizing your files and others such as setting the getters and setters, managing dependencies, managing creation of tables in your databases, connection to Kafka among others is a bit time consuming and repetitive. That is when Pivotal Software came up with this amazing Java Framework known as Spring Framework to take away some of the pain and provide an experienced developer the opportunity to focus on solving the programmatic problems. Spring Boot is MVC based that is, it follows the Model View Controller paradigm that many other frameworks out there ascribe to. Besides that, like father Christmas, Spring comes with a bunch of tantalizing features.

Features of Spring Boot

Spring Boot comes with so many features that the developers using it are loving it. It saves time, makes arrangement of your models, controllers and views easy and simplifies most of the tasks that were manually done. It is a wonderful tool for the ones who have had an intimate understanding of Java and are now interested in solving the problems at hand and leaving Spring Boot to take care of the mundane tasks. Here are some of the features that come with Spring Boot out of the box.

  • Web Development
  • SpringApplication
  • Application events and listeners
  • Admin features
  • Externalized Configuration
  • Properties Files
  • YAML Support
  • Type-safe Configuration
  • Logging
  • Security

Now that the introductions are out of the way, let us now proceed to furnish you with the necessary resources you can consider to learn Spring Boot Framework which we believe will be fast after you have a good grounding in Java.

1. Spring in Action

Best Suited for: Intermediate Java developers.

Craig Walls is a principal software engineer at Pivotal, a popular author, an enthusiastic supporter of Spring Framework, and a frequent conference speaker.

In Spring in Action, Craig guides you through Spring’s core features, explained in Craig Walls’ famously clear style. You’ll roll up your sleeves and build a secure database-backed web app step by step. Along the way, you’ll explore reactive programming, microservices, service discovery, RESTful APIs, deployment, and expert best practices. Whether you’re just discovering Spring or leveling up to Spring 5.0, this Manning classic is your ticket!

What is inside

  • Building reactive applications
  • Spring MVC for web apps and RESTful web services
  • Securing applications with Spring Security
  • Covers Spring 5.0

Once you are ready to join the celebratory Spring party over the fence, Craig is more than willing to help you cross as safely and as easily as possible in this resource. Click below when the time is just right to get it delivered from Amazon.

Spring in Action

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2. Microservices Patterns

Best for: Readers familiar with the basics of enterprise application architecture, design, and implementation.

Author Chris Richardson is a Java Champion, and a recognized thought leader in microservices. He has written other books where he teaches Spring Boot in depth. Even though this book is focused on microservices, the author’s underlying tool is Spring Boot and hence every Spring Boot student will benefit from discovering how Spring can be used in modern microservices paradigm.

In Microservices Patterns, Chris teaches you 44 reusable patterns to reliably develop and deploy production-quality microservices-based applications. This invaluable set of design patterns builds on decades of distributed system experience, adding new patterns for composing services into systems that scale and perform under real-world conditions.

What is inside

  • Understanding the microservices architecture
  • When and when not to use the microservices architecture
  • How to develop a microservices architecture for an application
  • Transaction management and querying in a microservices architecture
  • Effective testing strategies for microservices
  • How to refactor a monolithic application into services

More than just a patterns catalog, this practical guide with worked examples offers industry-tested advice to help you design, implement, test, and deploy your microservices-based application. Click below to find out more about this resources and consider taking a copy home too.

Microservices Patterns: With examples in Java

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3. Spring Boot: Up and Running

  • Best suited for: Beginners

The author of this book, Mark Heckler, is a Spring Developer and Advocate at VMware, conference speaker, published author, and Java Champion focusing upon developing innovative production-ready software at velocity for the Cloud.

Mark assures that the content in this book is a gentle introduction that covers the key capabilities of Spring Boot while advancing into useful application of those capabilities in the real world. He guides you through Spring Boot’s architecture and approach, covering topics such as debugging, testing, and deployment.

You will get to

  • Learn how Spring Boot simplifies cloud native application development and deployment
  • Build reactive applications and extend communication across the network boundary to create distributed systems
  • Understand how Spring Boot’s architecture and approach increase developer productivity and application portability
  • Deploy Spring Boot applications for production workloads rapidly and reliably
  • Monitor application and system health for optimal performance and reliability
  • Debug, test, and secure cloud-based applications painlessly If you want to develop cloud native Java or Kotlin applications with Spring Boot rapidly and effectively this book is for you. Click below to have it in your collection as fast as possible from Amazon.

Spring Boot: Up and Running: Building Cloud Native Java and Kotlin Applications

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4. Hands-On Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

  • Crafted for: Java and Spring developers and architects

Magnus Larsson has been in the IT industry for more than 30 years, working as a consultant for large companies in Sweden such as Volvo, Ericsson, and AstraZeneca. With such a formidable wealth of experience, Magnus will take you through tried and tested approaches to building distributed systems and implementing microservices architecture in your organization.

Starting with a set of simple cooperating microservices developed using Spring Boot, you will learn how you can add functionalities such as persistence, make your microservices reactive, and describe their APIs using Swagger/OpenAPI.

There is lots more in the book such as learning how deploy your microservices using Kubernetes and managing them with Istio among others.

What you will learn

  • Build reactive microservices using Spring Boot
  • Develop resilient and scalable microservices using Spring Cloud
  • Use OAuth 2.0/OIDC and Spring Security to protect public APIs
  • Implement Docker to bridge the gap between development, testing, and production
  • Deploy and manage microservices using Kubernetes
  • Apply Istio for improved security, observability, and traffic management

In case your development team would like to want learn how to break up your existing monoliths into microservices and deploy them either on-premises or in the cloud using Kubernetes as a container orchestrator and Istio as a service Mesh, then you have stepped right into the the door you have been looking for.

Hands-On Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud: Build and deploy Java microservices using Spring Cloud, Istio, and Kubernetes

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5. Pro Spring 5

Target Group: Experienced Java and enterprise Java developers and programmers

Written by four Senior Programmers who have conquered many exploits in this area of expertise, Pro Spring 5 will teach you how to leverage the Spring Framework to build the various tiers and parts of an enterprise Java application: transactions, web and presentation tiers, deployment, and much more. In addition, you will master Spring basics and core topics, and share the authors’ insights and real–world experiences with remoting, Hibernate, and EJB.

What You will Learn

  • Discover what’s new in Spring Framework 5
  • Use the Spring Framework with Java 9
  • Master data access and transactions
  • Work with the new functional web framework
  • Create microservices and other web services

After reading this definitive book, you will be armed with the power of Spring to build complex Spring applications, top to bottom. Advance your Java and Spring skills by taking more challenges and anticipating to be the best. Take a copy of this resource full of challenges and expert advice from Amazon below.

Pro Spring 5: An In-Depth Guide to the Spring Framework and Its Tools

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6. Spring 5 Recipes

  • Best suited for: Experienced Java and Spring programmers.

The recipes in Spring 5 Recipes cover Spring fundamentals such as Spring IoC container, Spring AOP/ AspectJ, and more. Other recipes include Spring enterprise solutions for topics such as Spring Java EE integration, Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Spring Remoting, messaging, transactions, and working with big data and the cloud using Hadoop and MongoDB.
Finally, Spring web recipes cover Spring MVC, other dynamic scripting, integration with the popular Grails Framework (and Groovy), REST/web services, and more

What You will Learn

  • Get re-usable code recipes and snippets for core Spring, annotations and other development tools
  • Access Spring MVC for web development
  • Work with Spring REST and microservices for web services development and integration into your enterprise Java applications
  • Use Spring Batch, NoSQL and big data for building and integrating various cloud computing services and resources
  • Integrate Java Enterprise Edition and other Java APIs for use in Spring
  • Use Grails code and much more

Solve all your Spring 5 problems using complete and real-world code examples from three senior programmers Marten Deinum, Daniel Rubio, and Josh Long. Josh Long is the Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal, Daniel Rubio is an independent consultant with over 10 years of experience in enterprise and web-based software and Marten Deinum is a submitter on the open source Spring Framework project. An exquisite mix of expertise at your disposal. Hit the link below to enjoy this specially cooked Spring cuisine from Amazon.

Spring 5 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

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7. Spring Security in Action

Author Laurentiu Spilca is a dedicated development lead and trainer at Endava, with over ten years of Java experience. In this resource, Spilca targets experienced Java and Spring developers and teaches them how to prevent cross-site scripting and request forgery attacks before they do damage.

Filled with code samples and practical examples, Spring Security in Action teaches you how to secure your apps from the most common threats, ranging from injection attacks to lackluster monitoring. In it, you will learn how to manage system users, configure secure endpoints, and use OAuth2 and OpenID Connect for authentication and authorization.

Summary of what is inside

  • Encoding passwords and authenticating users
  • Securing endpoints
  • Automating security testing
  • Setting up a standalone authorization server

Comprising of twenty fully packed chapters, Alain Lompo of ISO-Gruppe reviews this resource as follows: “A gold mine of knowledge, sound advice, and practical applications. I wish I had something like this years ago when I was learning about Spring Security.” Experience the same by having this copy in your hands. Order from Amazon below.

Spring Security in Action

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8. Reactive Spring

Author Josh Long has been the first Spring Developer Advocate since 2010. He is a Java Champion, an open-source contributor, podcaster, screen caster and author of 6 books and numerous best-selling video trainings.

Join Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long for an introduction to reactive programming in the Spring ecosystem, leveraging the reactive streams specification, Reactor, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and so much more.

This book will cover important concepts in reactive programming including project Reactor and the reactive streams specification, data access, web programming, RPC with protocols like RSocket, testing, and integration and composition, and more. It is all yours after you order it from Amazon below. All the best.

Reactive Spring

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9. Cloud Native Java

Targeted Readers: This book is aimed primarily at Java/JVM developers

This practical guide shows Java/JVM developers how to build better software, faster, using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry.

Authors Josh Long and Kenny Bastani fully immerse you in the tools and methodologies that will help you transform your legacy application into one that is genuinely cloud native.

In four sections, this book takes you through:

  • The Basics: learn the motivations behind cloud native thinking; configure and test a Spring Boot application; and move your legacy application to the cloud
  • Web Services: build HTTP and RESTful services with Spring; route requests in your distributed system; and build edge services closer to the data
  • Data Integration: manage your data with Spring Data, and integrate distributed services with Spring’s support for event-driven, messaging-centric architectures
  • Production: make your system observable; use service brokers to connect stateful services; and understand the big ideas behind continuous delivery

If your organization is planning to build cloud-native applications, this is the essential guide for every Java ecosystem. Every Java developer wondering how to refine the art of cloud native development, then the authors in this guide have it all for you. Benefit from their clear writing and imbibe all that they have to offer. Click below to get started after having your copy delivered from Amazon.

Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry

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Concluding Remarks.

Spring Boot is experiencing Ionospheric rise in adoption among developers around the globe. It comes with the solutions that every Java Developer will smile and jig when they realize what it does on their behalf. Pivotal are doing an Amazing job that requires celebrating and serious ovation. For everyone out there willing to get into the Spring camp, the books above provide different dimensions of the subject and we hope they will be of help to you.

Lastly, we continue to receive enormous support from our readers and we take this chance to return our sincere gratitude. For other books and guides you will enjoy, check below.

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