Which Android Apps Are The Students’ Best Friends?. College used to be hard. Now there’s plenty of apps which can help ace your classes. Conduct research on the bus, proofread your essay quick or use Google Drive to make a last minute presentation for a class.

Are you looking for smart productivity solutions, or just a simple app to help save your wallet? Here’s a list of essential Android apps for students.

1. Mint

Money is like sand in a clenched fist. As soon as you open up your fist, the sand pours out until it’s gone. Sound relatable? All students have money problems, and Mint has got you covered.

By using Mint, you can always see exactly how much money you spent and on what. It will help you limit your spendings on unnecessary necessities. The app is straightforward to use, and you can link it to Google Pay. So definitely check it out.

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2. SlideShare

As students, most of what we do is a review. Review, review again. SlideShare is a simple way of doing so. It is a presentation-hosting platform which has recently been acquired by LinkedIn.

Use SlideShare to download and view presentations as an easy way to catch up to class. Explore impressive presentations made by other people and avoid watching 10-minute YouTube videos for reviews. It’s like a Ted Talk but in pictures. Handy dandy!

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3. Coursera

For those who wish to get deeper into their reviews, or study entire courses ahead, we recommend the wonderful online university Coursera. Coursera is free, but you can pay for access to tests and to connect with professors directly.

Here you can learn anything – Law, Mathematics, Music, Writing – and all within a week if you’re a hard worker. Many students use Coursera to get ahead of their class and ace their semesters before they’ve even begun.

Image Source: Coursera

6. EssayPro

EssayPro is the ultimate productivity app which does the job for you. EssayPro allows you to browse through an extensive catalog of professional writers who will do ANY writing assignment for you.

What differentiates EssayPro from other services is that they offer excellent client-writer chat. It allows you to check drafts and make improvements before paying for your paper. Knowing this, the writers work harder than on other services and submit better quality work. With an essay writer service like this one, you’re guaranteed to get essays out of the way and focus on things more important to you.

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4. WolframAlpha

There’s Google, but Google can’t always be accurate. So if you want to find out the unemployment rate in New Jersey, or the answer to a complicated math formula – WolframAlpha has got you covered.

These guys advertise themselves as the real-life version of the Star Trek computer. Ask any question – and the app has got the answer. Unlike Google, they gather information form specific data sources and have a personal knowledge base. It is natural that any student should get WolframAlpha for accurate information and statistics.

Image Source: Zapier(dot)com

5. Evernote

There’s no better productivity app than Evernote. And that’s a fact. Often cited as the Swiss army knife of writing apps – Evernote can do it all. Store your notes, research, save pages, make to-do lists and much more. It’s where all your class notes and ideas are stored.

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The most underrated feature of Evernote is the ability to convert voice to text. Basically, enter a museum excursion and hold your phone in the air – the entire lecture will be stored in your phone notes. Handy to use if you love trees and hate killing paper with notebooks.

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