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It does not matter what is the source of your income, paying taxes on it, is inevitable. If you fail to do so, you are liable to pay heavy penalties. No matter if the amount of tax is low, as 1099 taxes calculator is significant to assess it correctly. When it comes to paying taxes, tax calculations is the tedious part to tackle. There are several deductions that help you to avoid paying huge taxes, but keeping all of them into account is not easy for an individual with minimal knowledge about taxation. 

Tax calculators are an easy way to assess your tax liability and estimate your deductions accurately. You can avoid paying taxes by estimating your refund amount and maximize your credit and deductions with the right tax calculator.

What are tax calculators?

Tax calculators are a suite of tax tools that help you to save money. Tax calculator helps in calculating W-4 withholdings, estimation of your tax refunds, and expenses to be written off as self-employed.

What are the benefits of using a Tax Calculator?

Most of the tax calculators are easy to use by anyone and do not require personal information such as Social Security Number. 

Here are some of the incredible benefits of using Tax Calculators:

Incorporate the effects of your life events

There are several events such as buying a new house, getting married, having a baby, etc which can affect your tax liability. For example, if you buy a house, the tax you save on buying a house is assessed by the tax calculator. This helps in reducing your tax liability and saves money.

Correct estimation of tax withholding

A withholding calculator helps to avoid overpaying the IRS more than it is required. You can obtain an accurate withholding estimate and in-depth information about your finances. It helps you to estimate the accurate amount of allowances under W-4. 

Refund estimation

If you anticipate a tax refund, you must be curious to know the amount as well. By entering your filing status and other required information, estimated tax payments and deductions, a tax calculator gives you the right estimate of your refund. The accuracy of the refund calculations depends on the accuracy of the information provided by you.

Tax Planning

Tax calculators help the taxpayers to choose the tax regime that suits best for them. People using a tax calculator can plan their taxes accordingly and execute their tax planning effectively. They can easily avail of the tax benefits by determining the deductions available to them. Right tax planning plays a significant role in retirement planning.


Tax planning is extensively tiring. Once the new tax regime comes in, it is very difficult to assess the right tax liability unless you are versed in the new tax regime. The tax calculator simplifies your task by calculating the taxes under both regimes and helps to decide which regime is better.

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