Auto clicker tool for free has made the life of IT technicians, software engineers and gamers easier. You will not believe how easy it is. This article will reveal the truth to all of you about how it became possible and how beautifully this tool automates the mouse clicks to complete tasks. It is fast, convenient to use and easy to access. Let’s have a look at the below image presenting the Auto clicker tool interface.

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Have you ever come across such a simple interface of any software? I bet, any newbie without any previous knowledge of technical IT related things can easily operate this tool. Its name shows that it helps the user to get countless automatic clicks as per their need. Moreover, the above image further clarifies the story that the user can adjust time duration, number of clicks and location based on his requirements. It does not have any complicated settings or options. 

People love downloading user-friendly applications or software, which is why this automatic clicker has gotten so much popularity among IT related people. Another enticing thing about this tool is that it is totally “FREE” due to which plenty of people are lured to download it and enjoy the benefits. Let’s move further to explore the reason IT people, especially gamers, are using it excessively.

Auto clicker tool Interface Usage

Time is an extremely precious and expensive thing that should be expended in the most useful way. Imagine that you are on the verge of winning a game and suddenly a sprain in your fingers due to constant clicking lets you face defeat, this must be heart-wrenching that you lose just not to be able to click at the right moment. Here comes the role of the Auto clicker tool for free that allows you to play smarter and celebrate victory. From the “click interval” option as you see in the below image, you can adjust the time based on the game requirement. It can be adjusted from the longest time of hours to the shortest time of milliseconds.

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Auto clicker tool for free offers not only time interval settings but also provides the opportunity to opt for “click options”. You can alter mouse buttons in three ways i-e Left, right or middle. Similarly, clicking type can be chosen among singles or doubles. You must be amused with the “Click Repeat” option as shown in the below image. It explains the purpose of an automatic clicker by performing repetitive clicking that you had installed to accomplish the task. What would be the use of an auto clicker if it cannot perform a task repeatedly? For this reason, just add the number of times you want the automatic clicker to repeat clicking or you can just let it be unlimited.

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How can automatic clicker tools for free can work accurately without knowing the exact location of the action? Therefore, the “Cursor Position” option asks users to add the exact location where clicks are needed. All auto-clicking actions will go in vain if the right location will not be chosen, especially gamers are not going to like it if clicking at their desired location is missing. So, as shown below, you can set it to the current location or pick a different location by adding exact X and Y coordinates. This shows how accurately this tool works to ensure an efficient and effective outcome. 

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You must be eager to initiate this wonderful automatic clicking tool. After completing the above-explained settings you are now all ready to initiate and free yourself from this monotonous task. Just hit the start button this automatic clicker will start its magic by doing clicks for you as you have ordered it. The amazing thing about this tool is it can easily work in the background if any application is running at that time. Adding further to it, this auto clicker tool has something more for its users that is hotkeys. With the help of hotkeys, you can either start or stop the action. By default, the hotkey is “F6”. However, the auto clicker gives users the authority of changing the hotkey and setting it by their choice. You just need to explore “hotkey settings” to select your favourite hotkey. 


Based on a survey involving frequent users of automatic clicker tools, it was revealed that the users loved the option of “Record & Playback” because they just install the required information once, record it and then playback it whenever they need the clicks. It liberates them from the troubles of inserting the input again and again, saving them plenty of time. So, you can find this most loved option in the right corner of the application once its interface will appear on the screen.

Let’s explore the astounding features of the Automatic clicker tool.

Features of Auto Clicker tool for free

  • Reduced CPU Usage
  • Convenient & Compact User Interface 
  • No Complicated settings
  • Completely safe to use 
  • Contains No viruses 
  • Free from advertisements and malware
  • It is portable
  • Click intervals offer a wide range of time slot
  • Clicking actions can be recorded and played as per need
  • Webpages are not burdened when it is operational
  • Click repeats can be set to a limited number or unlimited

Boost up your gaming experience and enhance your IT skills by simply downloading this wonderful application. You must have not experienced such an adept clicking tool that can do an amazing job for you. Despite having no advanced computer knowledge, you can easily operate this tool for playing games. Clicker Hero players can break the records by killing the enemy with the help of an auto clicker tool for free, ultimately getting the gold as a reward. This gold can be utilized to upgrade the game characters. Similarly, Cookie Clicker, Adventure capitalist and Minecraft players can take an impressive start with the help of an automatic clicker tool and win the game.

Similar to game lovers, IT technicians, software engineers can also save themselves from troublesome repetitive clicking by downloading this tool.  It is an excellent option for task automation on Windows PCs. It can get several jobs done in no time. It will save them from swollen and exhausted fingers, arm sprain and frequent purchasing of a new mouse. Give it a try and bring your life at ease.

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