Apple is on its way towards releasing its version of a digital car key. Apple Watch and iPhone users will be able to map their devices with their vehicles and to use their mobiles or watches as a key for their car. For this to happen, of course, the car series will need to be compatible with this type of technology. If a car is compatible, then all the user will need to do is to place the mobile or Apple Watch close to the car’s NFC reader. This means that Apple device users, will no longer need to dig into their pockets in order to look for the key that unlocks their car. 

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How It Will Work

By setting up Apple Car Key to a device, drivers will have the ability to map one or more car keys to their phone or smartwatch. Ergo, one device with suffice for the locking and unlocking of a privately-owned vehicle, a work vehicle and maybe even a lease. As for the safety part of the equation, users will be in a position to simply hover their device over the NFC reader, or to add the extra step of Face ID and Touch ID verification. According to Apple, using the key will not require mobile data and users will be able to use it even in remote areas or underground parking facilities. Additionally, digital keys will continue working for up to five hours, after an Apple device runs out of battery. 

This innovative service is not life-changing, but it adds another weapon to the arsenal of iOS devices. Browsing popular websites like and using your favourite apps is good, but being in full control of your vehicle is even better. Just imagine using your Apple device to accelerate and to reduce speed, or to adjust the volume of your audio system. As for family and professional sharing, Apple Car Keys will allow for the sharing of digital accessibility for up to 5 people. In other words, you, your life partner, your work partners and any of your closest relatives will be able to have access to the same digital key and to drive a specific vehicle. 

Is This a First Step to Completely Getting Rid of your Wallet?

The Apple Car Key seems like a pretty handy tool, but it is highly unlikely that Apple will stop here. The tech giants want Apple devices to become the only thing a person needs to carry around. The Cupertino based company is working on a digital identification patent, which promises to replace ID cards, passports and driver’s licenses. Together with the basic mobile functionality, Apple Pay and Apple Car Key, people will no longer have to carry around keys and wallets.  

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When to Expect Apple Car Key

Initially, there will only be a few vehicles that will support Apple’s new functionality. For the time being, it has been confirmed that BWM’s Series 5 vehicles will allow for digital control from 2022 onwards. This does not sound like much, but it is a start, and it will definitely engage other manufacturers to invest in NFC technology that will be compatible with Apple Car Key or any of its “soon-to-come” equivalents. 

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