While iOS and Android definitely aren’t the only mobile operating systems out there, for the sake of argument, we’re just going to limit the discussion to these two options. They comprise more than 95% of market share and it’s likely that anyone who is reading this now is on either one of these platforms. Of course, when you take a look at the tech space as a whole, it’s hard to argue that Apple and Google don’t have a stronghold on the global market. It’s evident in the influence that they have on consumers in terms of both hardware and software.

But for today, we’re going to talk about just one aspect of the war between Apple and Google and that’s their mobile operating systems. iOS represents the system that runs all iPhones and Android runs a bunch of other flagship phones that come from Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Lenovo, and more. Each OS has their own individual strengths and weaknesses. But is one really better than the other? Which one is better for productivity? Which one is better for media consumption? Which one handles gaming better? What’s best for playing PUBG? What if you’re just interested in playing casino ? These are all questions that we will try to answer in this article. And in order to do so, we will have to break the discussion down into different categories

User Interface and Experience

When it comes to user interface and experience, it’s probably going to have to be a tie. It all depends on the user. Apple’s strength is that it has seamless connectivity and fluidity across multiple Apple devices. So, if you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, then iOS would definitely be better for you. iOS also tends to be better and ready to use right out of the box. However, when it comes to customizability and adjustability, no one does it better than Android. Each Android phone can be made unique and personalized because the OS offers that level of customization. This is why it ultimately depends on what kind of user you are. If you want something that’s polished and ready for use right away, go for iOS. If you want something that you can tweak to your own personal liking, go for Android. Either way, both platforms offer solid performance and a great user experience. That’s why they’re both so successful.


While many people will say that the Apple iPhone is the gold standard for smartphones these days, Android will have to win in terms of hardware. The fact that Android is just compatible across many different devices from manufacturers all over the world makes it a solid pick. It’s so easy to transition from one manufacturer to another seamlessly because of the Android connection between these phones. Whether it be for higher-end flagships from Samsung or more budget options from brands like Oppo or RealMe, Android is a mainstay in many of these phones and that’s why it captures a huge bulk of the market.


In the past, app developers used to go to Apple first before deploying Android versions of their products. However, recently, it’s no longer the case. It seems that app developers understand that the Android market is just as ripe as Apple’s. When it comes to stock apps, again, it’s a matter of preference for you. Google tends to be a heavy favorite when it comes to stock Email, Navigation, and Search apps. However, Apple tends to do better with messaging, video editing, and audio editing. Ultimately, it all depends on what your priorities are as a smartphone user.


Both Apple and Google are heavily investing in their gaming technology and it shows. There’s really no clear winner here, but a lot of gaming also has to do with hardware. Since most games are readily available on most platforms, it’s a matter of competing hardware capabilities. The highest-end iPhone is more than enough to run even the most complex and heaviest gaming titles out there. But dedicated gaming phones like the ASUS ROG phone runs on Android. So, in that sense, Android might have to win this round. 

Final Thoughts

There are a myriad of other factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best smartphone, but you first have to figure out what your own priorities are. Once you do that, it’ll be easier for you to figure out which OS is better for you. 

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