Some of the best ways that experts test cloud applications are well-known, and others are not, and hopefully after this post you will have a general idea about most of the popular ways.

Cloud application testing can be very complex if you are new to the industry, but for seasoned veterans, it really is not a complicated process in most cases.  I have included 6 ways that are popular in the industry for testing these applications.

Stress Testing

Perhaps the most famous and well-known way that people test cloud applications is through a process called a stress test.  In simple terms, it is exactly what you would think it is.

It involves overloading the application and seeing what it can handle before an anticipated breaking point.  Relate this to a human, and it would be like throwing a bunch of stressful situations at someone until they break.

Even though it is a crude comparison, that is exactly what is going on with a stress test.

Load Testing

Similar to stress testing, load testing is essentially seeing how the app handles so much activity at certain points.  There are a lot of intricate details with load testing, but the name is also very obvious at what it is about.

Creating heavy traffic and seeing how it affects the cloud application at certain points throughout the test.

It can be very helpful in diagnosing problems with the app and eliminating problems before they even arise!

Browser Performance Testing

As the name suggests, there are tools that involve testing cloud applications using a browser and estimating the performance.  It can be fairly complicated like the other methods, but it is an effective way, nevertheless.

Latency Testing

Another great test for cloud applications is to test action and the response afterward.

It is important for apps to be tested in this way because an app that has a delayed response is not enjoyable for the end-user to use and navigate through.

It is a pretty straightforward test and can have massive results if fixed and optimized.

Performance Testing

A test that is super important to cloud testing is so that you can test an application for bottlenecks and performance issues throughout.

Instead of needing to have thousands of people across the geographic landscape, you can test it through the cloud and still get the same job done.

A major way to test out apps is to vigorously test the performance and spot the weak spots.  That is why performance testing is a vital test in cloud application testing!

Compatibility Testing

Another form of testing for cloud-based applications is to see the compatibility of applications to the app and see how that process goes.

Yet another simple to understand yet a complex thing to master that is involved with cloud-based application testing.

So, there you have it for the 6 top techniques that experts use for testing applications through the cloud.  Hopefully, you have a much better idea as to how to test these applications out there in the marketplace!

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