Websites take a lot of time and money to run. If your website feels like a money pit, it’s hard to enjoy the day to day maintenance and long form blog posts you work so tirelessly to create. Your website may not be designed to be a cashflow powerhouse, but you should have at least enough money coming in to offset your costs and pay yourself a little for all the time you’ve spent creating your site.

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You can approach monetizing your website in several ways. Using a combination of methods will always yield the best results. If you have something for everyone, it’s more likely that you’ll find that more people are willing to convert themselves from visitors to spenders.

The final part of the equation is driving enough traffic to turn enough visitors into buyers to make the whole venture worthwhile. Once you’ve built the perfect loop, all you need to do is keep it going. 

1. Sell Branded Merch

If you have a loyal following, they’d love to support you by purchasing branded merchandise. Coffee cups and t-shirts with your logo are easy to sell. They’re even easier to make. There are so many merch websites that require very little from creators. All you need to do is upload your logo in their preferred format, apply it to the products they offer, and check the proof images. They’ll make and send the merch on your behalf, handing you a few dollars from every sale. 

2. Start a Podcast

If your website is niche specific and people come to you to learn, consider starting a podcast. If people value your opinion and trust your knowledge, a podcast gives them an easy way to glean wisdom from you when they’re on the go, cleaning their house, or cooking their dinner. 

Successful podcasts often receive sponsors. You can monetize your podcast with a small monthly fee, offer it for free with sponsored ads, or utilize a combination of both methods. You can upload a version of your podcast with the sponsored ads removed to a members only area. When you do this, you won’t be alienating anyone. Everyone has access to your podcast for free, but if they’d prefer, they can pay a premium not to listen to the ads. 

3. Sponsored Posts

If your blog has a lot of readers, consider selling some space. Anyone whose products or services are relevant to your website will be willing to buy a spot on your blog. As long as they aren’t a direct competitor of yours, it’s worth considering. 

Be sure to thoroughly research any company who wants to pay for a spot on your blog, and be selective about who you work with. You want to maintain trust and credibility with your readers, and inadvertently promoting something shady might damage your reputation. Just be mindful. 

4. Listing Affiliate Products

If you’re talking about a product you like or the products you use, link them with an Amazon affiliate code. When you sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program, they give you a little bit of what people spend when they shop through your link. Best of all, you’ll get a taste of everything in their cart, even if you only suggested one item. 

5. Back Up Your Efforts With Traffic

Using a native advertising platform can help you get your content in as many relevant places as possible. People will click on your articles or landing pages, learn from your posts, and with any luck, become buyers. 

Running multiple campaigns will yield the best results. It will also provide you with the opportunity to pull traffic from different demographics. If your website’s products or services will appeal to a multitude of people, you can use a tool like Voluum to simultaneously manage several ad campaigns. You can adjust your campaigns as they go, stop campaigns that aren’t performing well, or maximize campaigns that prove to be your top performers. 

You need a self serve ad network that will offer you a multitude of options, like push notifications, domain redirects, and pop ads. Click here to learn more about how self serve ad networks work. 

The Takeaway

It’s relatively easy to monetize your website in a multitude of ways. If you’re classy and discrete about your monetization efforts, your readers will understand. Just don’t make too many big changes very quickly and don’t go overboard with your cash grabs. The key is to encourage a lot of people to spend a little, rather than to encourage a few people to spend a lot. 

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