There are so many noise cancelling headphones out in the market and anyone would want to choose from the best, or rather find one that fits their preference. Below are a sample of some good noise cancelling headphone reviews that might interest you and in the end even help you make the right purchase.

1. Sony Noise Cancelling headphone WH1000XM3

Comes with great design and they are much lighter thus comfortable on your head. Have got USB C port thus enabling quick charge. A 10 minute charge gives you a 5 hour playback which is good. On full charge the battery lasts about 30 hours and takes 2 hours 16 minutes to fully charge.

The ear cups are touch sensitive and with some taps on the right pad, you get to skip music, reduce or increase volume, pause or play music and even connect with your voice assistants such as Siri, google assistant and Alexa. Moreover, holding your hand over the right ear cup enables you to hear the surrounding noise, this is usually good when someone is trying to get your attention. Syncing this headphone with other devices has got no issues, however, you can only pair it with one gadget at a time. The noise cancelling feature on this device works great, the audio quality is excellent, with the sound being full, clear possessing deep bass.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headset with Mic for phone-call and Alexa voice control - Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation – Black

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as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

2. Bose Active Noise Cancelling 700

Bose headphones are comfortable to use. The ear cups are touch sensitive enabling you to pause, skip, play, increase or decrease volume or even know the remaining battery life, which is awesome. It comes with some buttons that you can use to access google assistant, Alexa and Siri, however these are not 100% reliable. With noise cancellation on, you get 20 hours of battery life and to fully charge takes 2 hours 30 minutes. The above headphones uses Bluetooth 5.0, thus enabling you to pair with more than one devices and has got no syncing issues. The noise cancellation is great though not able to block out 100%, the audio quality is impressive here. With 75% volume, the sound is clean, balanced, refined and controlled. Offers the best calls.

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700, with Alexa Voice Control, Black

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as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

3. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II

They are super light and flexible. BQC are very comfortable that it guarantees a whole day usage without any pinching nor tightness. Without the touch sensitivity, they are a lot of buttons that allow you navigate through various options/functions that the headphone offers. Although it uses the USB 2.0, it still allows a 15 minute quick charge that results to 2 hours 30 minutes playback. Uses Bluetooth 4.0 thus does mot pair with more than one devices. With noise cancellation on, the sound quality is good. One awesome feature of this, is audio quality that stays intact with no distortions even in maximum volume. On his, the bass is much punchier.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa voice control - Black

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23 used from $203.99
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as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

4. Jabra Elite 85h wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

They are a little heavier than the above headphones and can be hot and sweaty when used for long hours. Has got a USB C port and a 15 minute charge offers you 5 hours battery life. With the buttons on the headphone ear cups, you can skip, pause, play, increase or decrease volume, activate noise cancellation and even enable the voice assistant. Jabra comes with a 3.5 mm headphone port that allows physical connection, though sound is not a s good as when wireless. The noise cancellation is pretty good, ambient mode also good, but when it comes to sound, the bass is not so good/smoothed out. This gadget is water resistant, which is a plus for those who love hitting the gym, jogging and even during rainy seasons.

Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, Copper Black – Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Compatible with iPhone & Android - Built-in Microphone, Long Battery Life - Rain & Water Resistant

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15 used from $95.31
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as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

5. Senheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth wireless headphones

This one also uses buttons to access many functions it offers. Has got a micro USB port for charging, which offers 19 hours battery life with noise cancellation on and 25 hours when of. Has got a 2.5mm port for physical connections. One disadvantage is that you can never listen with them and charge at ago. They actually go off when you connect to the charger. The noise cancellation feature blocks out a descent amount of noise thus the audio is clean with neutral bass. Has got a tendency of sound leaking thus people around you can hear what you are listening to.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation, Black and Silver(HD 4.50 BTNC)

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4 used from $64.50
as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

6. Senheiser PXC 550

These are touch sensitive, thus tapping can give you the percentage of the remaining battery, skip/play/pause music and to increase or reduce volume. It takes 3 hours to fully charge them and offrs 21 hours 17 minutes when noise cancellation is on and 30 hours when off. You can charge them while listening to music with no issues. Noise cancellation here is good. They are very comfortable but a little bit sweaty on the ears when used for long. They are able to block a good amount of noise, however you can hear some noise still in the background. The sound on these is impressive and the audio is good but a little bit quieter on some ends. The base is lean with balanced mids.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless – NoiseGard Adaptive Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone with Touch Sensitive Control and 30-Hour Battery Life

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as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

7. Anker Soundcore Q20 Hybrid

Here buttons are utilized as there is no touch sensitivity. Anker has got an impressive Bluetooth connectivity 5.0. It is also quite comfortable when using them. To fully charge these, it takes 3 hours and offers 30 hours when noise cancellation is on. The noise cancellation is good but the sound is not as loud as expected as it leaves more to be desired. The bass on this is good and can be improved, with the vocals and highs hitting the above average mark.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 40H Playtime, Hi-Res Audio, Deep Bass, Memory Foam Ear Cups, for Travel, Home Office

$49.39  in stock
4 new from $49.35
8 used from $43.99
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as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

8. Beat Solo Pro

This can be categorized to be in between the Bose and the Sony headphones when it comes to the audio quality. Wearing them for long hours can make you sense a little pinch on top of your head and on the ears. This has got one of the most responsive buttons even though not touch sensitive. With a 10 minute quick charge, you get 3 hours of music. The battery life when noise cancellation is on is 2 hours 17 minutes. The gadget above can be paired with multiple devices which is good and has got no syncing lags at all. The sound is good but not the best as it does not cancel the noise but rather smooths it out. The mids and highs are good but the bass is neutral. With audio at 85%, the volume is still good with zero distortions, however the bass seems cleared out.

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones - Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency, 22 Hours Of Listening Time - Black

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2 new from $249.94
as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

9. Bowers & Wilkins PX7

Has got USB C port for charging. When fully charged, it offers 31 hours 40 minutes when noise cancellation is on. And with 15 minutes of quick charge you get 5 hours of audio. Bowers & Wilkins utilizes the Bluetooth 5.0 thus enabling multiple pairing on it. The noise cancellation and audio on these is really good. The above headphones have the ability to swivel.

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone, Adaptive Noise Cancelling - Silver

$399.99  in stock
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11 used from $200.30
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as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am

10. JBL Live 650 BTNC

With 15 minutes of quick charge, you get 2 hours of playback. To fully charge, it takes a total of 2 hours and a battery life of 20 hours when Bluetooth and noise cancellation on. When you tap on the left ear cup, you get to access the smart assistant for example, Alexa, Siri and google assistant. On this, the bass is heavy with balanced mids and highs. The noise cancellation here is pretty good but not the bast out there.

JBL LIVE 650BTNC - Around-Ear Wireless Headphone with Noise Cancellation - Black

$129.95  in stock
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5 used from $78.95
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as of June 17, 2021 5:51 am


From the review above, you probably know that the Sony WH1000XM3 wins the game here. With an impressive sound/audio quality and excellent sound cancellation feature. The price is however, a little bit high hence the need for more options to weigh from.

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